SereneLife SharpEye Review

serenelife compound bow

It’s always surprising how beginner archers and hunters are willing to plunk down hundreds if not thousands for their first bow, tempted by the big brands and their sponsors. Even more puzzling is how few of them are aware of the many manufacturers currently offering […]

Atropos-125 Review

best compound bow. Youth compound bow. Womens compound bow

The entry-level and mid-range compound bow market is currently being invaded by the hottest “ready-to-shoot” all-inclusive offers, promising a starter package to shoot your bow straight-out-of-the-box. But are these […]

PSE Madness 34 Review

PSE Madness 34 review. Best compound bow

The PSE Madness 34 is one of the most affordable premium multipurpose bows on the market. Featuring a 34.25 AtA measurement, and an incredible IBO speed of up to 342 FPS, the PSE Madness is fast, powerful and […] Protection Status