Target Compound Bows

Target Compound Bows

When Target shooting, you can use any bow you want according to your liking. However, to increase your likelihood of succeeding, think about getting a bow primarily made for target shooting. And that’s where Target Compound Bows come into the picture. Target Compound Bows are archer-friendly. They hold steadier, draw more smoothly, recoil without hassle, and are made … Read more

How to restring a compound bow

Restring a compound bow

If you are new to using the compound bow, this post will help you to know how exactly to restring your compound bow. Compared to traditional bows, compound bows are a bit more complicated. This is because they have a cam/pulley system that traditional bows do not have.  Therefore, they are a bit harder to … Read more

Who invented the compound bow

Invented compound bow

The classic bow has been around for ages and it has a pretty rudimentary design. Therefore, many people do not wonder who invented it. In contrast, the compound bow was invented fairly recently and it is quite complex. Thus, many people are interested in knowing who invented it. So who invented the compound bow and … Read more

How to use the sight of a compound bow

Compound bow sight

It is crucial to properly sight your bow if you want to enjoy using it. This is because a properly sighted bow is much more accurate. Therefore, it makes target practice and hunting much more accurate and fun. Failure to sight your bow means poor shot placement. This can be frustrating and inhumane. It can be … Read more

What is a compound bow?

One of the most popular bows among archers is the compound bow. Compound bows, along with recurve bows and longbows, are the most used. They are ideal for hunting and target practice due to their effectiveness, appearance, and flexibility. There is even an Olympic sport based on the usage of these compound bows.The history of … Read more

Top 6 Best Compound Bows

Let’s be honest, there are different types of hunting bows. You can invest in a crossbow or recurve bow; however, the best choice is a compound bow. The use of compound bows is not new. It can be traced back to the 1980s. In recent times, the compound bow has come a long way. Every year, … Read more Protection Status