Target Compound Bows

When Target shooting, you can use any bow you want according to your liking.

However, to increase your likelihood of succeeding, think about getting a bow primarily made for target shooting.

And that's where Target Compound Bows come into the picture.

Target Compound Bows are archer-friendly. They hold steadier, draw more smoothly, recoil without hassle, and are made explicitly with accuracy.

Compound bows are relatively simple to draw, so an archer does not require a lot of strength to shoot one. The less effort needed to draw the bow enables archers to shoot more accurately.

Target Compound Bows

Compound bows allow for greater accuracy and power from a farther distance because they rely less on physical strength, which makes them perfect for target shooting.

Compound bows can accommodate a variety of accessories, including stabilizers and scopes. In addition, it gives shooters access to various customization options and add-ons that can enhance their performance.

This bow can be an excellent option if you want to learn archery, improve your bow hunting abilities and gain confidence while shooting.

How to pick a target compound bow?

Before picking the right bow, consider any limitations or restrictions of the competition. For instance, the compound bow draw weight is restricted to 60 pounds at World Archery competitions.

You could use a compound bow with a peak draw weight of 70 pounds and back out the limb bolts to lower the weight to 60 since most compound bows have a 10-pound draw weight adjustment range.

Consider the importance of arrow speed compared to how much weight you can comfortably pull if draw weight is not a limiting factor. Shooting is frequently required in target competitions. Avoid straining yourself to the point where your accuracy suffers as a result.

Choose a bow that should neither feel like a pencil nor like you're trying to hold up a pole. When you achieve anchor with your release, the string angle at full draw should allow you to keep your head straight up.

You should be able to contact your nose and the string without adjusting. This will align the peep sight at a comfortable distance from your eye.

When tuning a target bow, accuracy is key. To maximize your accuracy, you want the most accommodating setup.

These days, bow manufacturers are greatly facilitating the tuning procedure. Before you purchase a particular target bow, find out from your pro shop repairman what it takes to tune it, as this will make your shooting experience much more exciting.

Best target compound bows 2022:

Within this article, we've included three very populair compound bows at this moment. If you want our opinion on the best compound bows, check out this list

1. Hoyt Altus SVX

Hoyt is a well-known company with a devoted following, a long history of achievement, and numerous awards.

The all-new Altus is a part of Hoyt's premium target bow lineup. It offers target and 3D shooters another top-tier option.

Hoyt Altus SVX

It was designed and engineered as an all-around tournament bow. Altus's new lineup of custom colors raises the bar, including customized, efficient options such as the White Lightning, Pitch Black, Lava Red, Electric Blue, and Smoke Grey.

2. Elite Rezult 36

This company lives up to its slogan, "The World's Most Shootable Bow." Tuning is a breeze with Elite's S.E.T. technology.

You can modify the hold weight and valley. Although the target bows have been around since 2020, they are still solid and trustworthy options for archery bows in 2022.

Elite Rezult 36

The new Rezult 36 introduces a companion target bow model to the market. The Rezult 36, equipped with Elite's ASYM Tri-Track Cam System, VersaMod rotating module, and award-winning S.E.T. Technology, offers a 36" axle-to-axle platform and an impressive IBO speed of 330 fps.

With new peak weight ranges of 55 and 65 pounds, the Rezult 36 provides competitive archers with more options to create a bow that suits their particular shooting technique and body type.

3. Bowtech Reckoning 38

Bowtech has made its name in the market as a company that employs pro-staff shooters. Their bows are frequently simple to shoot and tune. Although the reckoning 38 below is not their latest bow, it is still a good option for almost any target competitor.

Bowtech Reckoning 38

With the Reckoning 38, unravel a whole new level of competitive supremacy.

It is equipped with DeadLock Technologies to deliver the quickest and easiest way to achieve consistent accuracy and flawless arrow flight.

Designed to deliver a stable, balanced, vibration-free, and silent shooting experience, the reckoning is relied upon by World champions and gold medalists for its downrange accuracy.


Compound bow target archery is a wonderful sport that can help you maintain your passion for shooting a bow and arrow, also after the hunting season.

Compound bows can help you get started, pique your interest in target shooting, and polish up your desire to be the best at it, obviously, with the ideal bow at your side.

Selecting the ideal target bow will greatly enhance your enjoyment of the activity. To make this crucial decision, one must try out various bows to determine their likes and dislikes.

To do that, go to a nearby archery store where the expert staff may assist you in choosing the best bow for your needs and preferences or tailor it to your liking.

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