The Best Black Hunter Longbow

Black Hunter bows have been around for quite a good number of years. They are known for being cheap yet good quality, and they are absolutely perfect for target practice and competition.

The bows are made in China by a Chinese company known as Junxing. If this alarms you, it should not. In contrast to the past, many Chinese origin products are nowadays good quality. Anybody who has used genuine Black Hunter bows will tell you for sure that they are generally good quality bows.

If you are in the market for a quality Black Hunter longbow, you are in the right place. In this post, you will discover the best Black Hunter bows currently available on the market. The information provided should make it easy for you to choose the perfect Black Hunter longbow for you.

In addition, there are other, non Black Hunter, Longbows that are very good for hunting or target practice. Check out this list.

Let’s begin.

Black Hunter Longbow

This bow comes in a bundle with one other bow – the Black Hunter Takedown bow. The pack is regarded as one of the best packs of hunting bows on Amazon. Because it has two superior quality bows – a 35lb Black Hunter Takedown bow and a 35lb Black Hunter Recurve Bow. Both of these bows are individually rated at over 4.5/5 on Amazon. This tells you just how good they are. And in a moment you will know why exactly they are both highly rated.

The 35lb Black Hunter Takedown Recurve Bow is a beautiful, durable, and sturdy bow. It is the takedown recurve bow to purchase if you are looking for something cheap yet high-quality. Three things stand out about this bow – its sturdiness, its ease of assembly, and its robust warranty. Its sturdiness is thanks to its Bamboo fiberglass limbs and superior design, and its ease of assembly is thanks to its smart engineering. The bow’s warranty is 12 months long. Not many bows have a warranty or a warranty as long as this one.

The 35lb Black Hunter Takedown Longbow is a masterpiece of a longbow. It is one of the best, if not the best, Black Hunter longbows on the market. Like the Takedown Recurve Bow above, this bow is high-quality, sturdy, easy to assemble, and comes with a robust warranty. The most amazing thing about it is the fact that it is quite sturdy. Most longbows, especially the ones that have wooden components, are not sturdy or long-lasting. In contrast, this one is; it is extremely sturdy and durable. The second most amazing thing about this longbow is its Takedown design. It makes it easy to adjust for accuracy and an improved experience.

In our opinion, this Black Hunter Takedown Longbow is the star / centerpiece of this pack.



  • Amazing ergonomic grip
  • Sturdy and durable bows (one a recurve bow and the other a longbow)
  • Beautiful and well-engineered for hunting
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Backed by a solid 12-month warranty
  • Can be bought as a pack or separately
  • Only for right-handed

2. Black Hunter Takedown Longbow 25lbs

This Black Hunter bow is perfect for both recreational target practice and hunting. Now that we have mentioned hunting, you might be wondering if we are out of our minds. After all, this is a 25lbs longbow. It surely can’t be used for any serious hunting. Of course, a 25lbs bow cannot be used for hunting. However, this is no ordinary 25lbs bow. It comes in a pack with replacement 50lbs longbow limbs. This means all you need to do to use it for hunting is to replace its 25lbs limbs with its 50lbs limbs.

There is nothing not to love about this longbow. It is handsome, powerful, and excellent quality. Why do we call it handsome? Because it is well-made with high-quality materials (bamboo fiberglass & wood). Why do we call it powerful? Because it has 50lbs draw weight limbs.

Similar to most Black Hunter longbows, this longbow is durable and sturdy. It is designed and built for both amateur and professional hunters. Amateur hunters will love its 25lbs limbs, its ease of use, and its toughness, while professional hunters will like its replacement 50lbs limbs, its sophistication, and its ease of maintenance.

The only thing you might not like about this bow or rather the pack it comes in is its price. Its price is a bit high because it is sold as a pack together with the replacement limbs. You can purchase the bow separately if you don’t want the replacement limbs.



  • Perfect for recreational target practice
  • Gentle ergonomic grip
  • Good enough for hunting with its replacement limbs
  • Features superior quality materials
  • Extremely durable bow
  • Dedicated to satisfaction
  • Not the cheapest 25lbs bow

This Black Hunter bow is a great all-round bow for both beginner and experienced hunters.

3. 35lbs Black Hunter Takedown Longbow (our choice)

Like all the longbows covered in this article, this is also sold in a pack on Amazon. The pack contains a 35lbs takedown longbow and a powerful 30-70lbs compound bow. If you strictly want the longbow on its own, you can certainly buy it that way.

The two most excellent things about this takedown longbow are its ergonomic grip and its takedown design. Its ergonomic grip is so good that you can use the bow for long periods without experiencing any hand or wrist strain or pain. And its takedown design makes it very easy to assemble and dissassemble. It also makes it easy to store and to transport.

The compound bow that comes with this pack is made by the same brand that makes the 35lbs takedown longbow above. It is a handsome and powerful compound bow that you can use for target practice, for hunting, and for competition.



  • Pack contains two different bows
  • Both bows are extremely good quality
  • Both bows are durable
  • Both bows are perfect for recreational fun
  • Both bows have excellent grip
  • The pack is somewhat expensive

Although the pack is somewhat expensive, it is totally worth it especially if you don’t own either type of bow.

4. Black Hunter 60" Takedown Recurve Bow

This is not exactly a Black Hunter longbow but it is so good a bow we decided to include it on this list. The most eye-catching thing about this bow is that it is available in multiple tension levels (from 30 to 60 pounds). This means many people can get this bow at just the perfect tension level for them. The second most eye-catching thing about this recurve bow is the fact that it is bow is its excellent design. Its ergonomic grip design, anti-bending limbs, and tough body make it great for both amateurs and professionals.

You will most likely love how easy this bow is to assemble. And if you are a deer hunter or you are looking for a bow for wild game hunting, you will love the performance of this bow out in the wild.



  • Great quality recurve bow
  • Amazing durability
  • Comes with all the basic accessories
  • High-quality Chinese product
  • Less quality than other Black Hunter Longbows

This is a great option for anyone looking for a quality takedown recurve bow.

Closing Words

All the bows above have been carefully chosen. We believe the number one bow on our list is the best Black Hunter longbow. We also believe that the other options are decent Black Hunter longbow options.

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