Fire A Perfect Shot Using The Best Bow Release

Bow hunting was a much less complicated activity some decades ago. All you needed was a simple bow and a couple of handmade arrows to catch your prey. However, currently, it is a very complicated activity, requiring very complicated tools to do the job. Of course, there is a trade-off. As compared to the old one, the current complicated art of archery or bow hunting has a higher level of accuracy and the gear involved makes it easier for anyone to become more proficient in the sport. This gear includes bow releases, which are very important for firing accurate shots. In this guide you’ll discover some of the best bow releases on the market and how to choose the best bow release for you.

best bow release
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The 10 Best Bow Releases Review

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1. Tru Ball Archery Honey Badger Claw Release

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This Tru Ball HBC is a 3 finger model bow release that fits into the index, middle and ring finger. It is designed ergonomically to have a machined grip pattern on the middle and ring finger slots for a non-slippery hold on its solid brass body. It also has a tapered design, which makes it fit comfortably in the fist it narrows in width towards the ring finger.

Its trigger is adjustable using an easy to use the micro-adjustable dial on its side. This dial has a setting which runs from hot to hotter and the less hot it is, the slower the trigger releases the bowstring from its hook. A hotter setting means that the string will be released faster because it requires very little pulling pressure. This hotness setting is easily adjustable. It simply requires a screwdriver to turn the setting screw to your preferred hotness (sensitivity) level.

The release is assembled having a standard click, which lets you know that the hook is just about to let go. Some archers, however, do not like this because it makes them flinch, shooting the arrow while unprepared in the process. The good thing about this release is that this click is easily removable. It only requires some disassembling and reassembly, while tweaking some stuff on the inside and the click is gone.

Features at a glance

Adjustable thumb peg with three thumb pin locations

Micro-adjustment dial for setting the sensitivity or hotness of the release

Gives you the option of click or no click

Machined grip pattern for a firmer grip when pulling the string

Available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large).

Tru Ball Archery Honey Badger Claw bow release
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2. Carter Evolution Release

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The Carter Evolution bow release is unique because it lacks a trigger mechanism for releasing the bowstring. Instead, it has a resistance activated release mechanism that fires the string when you increase the tension by pulling it further backward. However, in order for this system to work, the resistance release must be set to fire at greater poundage than the poundage of the bow at full draw (at let off point).

It has a safety pin that is designed to be held by the thumb and it plays a crucial role in keeping the release from firing off as you draw the bow. This pin must be held constantly when drawing until you reach the let-off point, where poundage is a bit less. After this, you can then aim and pull back to fire.

It is designed ergonomically, with slots for three fingers: the index, middle and ring finger for a firmer grip. The index finger slot is actually a 9 inch hole that is meant to ensure there is no slippage as the pull intensifies.

Features at a glance

Interchangeable tension system allows you to customize the release by changing the adjustment spring without dismantling it

Resistance activated release mechanism with thumb safety pin reduces the chances of misfiring

Short length means you get just a tiny little addition to your draw length

Ergonomic 3 finger model design

Available in many different colors

Carter Evolution bow release
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3. Copper John Stanislawski SX3 Quattro Archery Release

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This release has a thumb trigger mechanism that is mounted on silk path sears, giving it a long trigger travel distance as well as providing a way to adjust the tension on the trigger. This means that it does not require and does not have tension springs to maintain tension on the trigger.

It features a training pin that is screwed into the head of the release. It locks in the release hook so that it does not open when you accidentally pull the trigger. This makes it a great tool for training since it allows you to safely perfect your firing skills.

In terms of handling, this release is designed ergonomically. It has finger grooves for all the fingers except the thumb, making it very comfortable to hold. It also has a very gentle handle sweep that makes it quite easy to use when firing any shot. It is available in two sizes – medium and large – giving you a sizing option in case one is too big or too small to fit in your fist.

Features at a glance

Incorporates the use a thumb trigger mechanism for firing

Available in an orange color

Trigger travel and tension is adjustable

Training lock technology for training purposes when you want to perfect your firing

Ergonomically designed with 4 finger slots

Copper John Stanislawski SX3 Quattro Archery bow release
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4. Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper Release

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The Whipper Snapper has a very slim design that makes it almost disappear in your fist but also makes it fit comfortably in your hand. It is designed for use with a D-loop hookup and has 2 variations: one has an open jaw design, which means that the D-loop can be hooked to the jaw when it is closed. This gives you the advantage of being able to hook onto the D-loop and draw the string almost instantly after you spot your game. The second variant is the closed jaw design, which means the D-loop can only be hooked to the jaw by opening it then locking it behind the closed jaw. This gives you the advantage of setting it in place before hand such that when you spot your prey, all you have to do is draw the string and fire the shot.

It is ergonomically designed, having contoured lines that are meant to give you a smooth time through the entire draw and firing period. This makes it very comfortable to use, especially during extended shooting sessions. The release trigger barrel also has an ergonomic design, having 2 adjustable positions to fit different hand sizes. Additionally, it is available in 3 fingers and 4 finger models, giving you more options to fit your personal needs.

Features at a glance


The firing barrel can close and open the jaw, eliminating the need to manually close the jaw after every shot

Trigger tension and travel are adjustable using a single screw

Settings are retained and do not wear after long periods in use

Compatible only with D-loop hookups

Available in closed or open jaw design

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5. Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter Release

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This release is equipped with a wrist strap, which transfers the pulling tension to the upper arm for a more comfortable experience. The strap and release are connected via a rope connector that has an infinite length adjustment, enabling you to adjust it to fit archers with long or shorthands. This connector also keeps the release glued to your hands so that you cannot drop it and lose it in the woods.

Although it is has a wrist strap, the longhorn hunter is a more traditional back tension release that requires a little twist to fire the shot. Most hunters primarily draw using the index finger but it has a 3 finger design that is ergonomic for comfortable holding and drawing.

Its moon can be easily adjusted by loosening it using an Allen wrench. This adjustment is used to change the release’s speed, by either speeding it up for faster releasing or slowing it down, to make it require more tension before firing. This moon is also easily removable and can be set to either click or not by simply installing it on either the side with the machined click or the smooth side. This gives you the option of having either a quiet or a noisy shot, as per your personal preference.

Features at glance

Interchangeable thumb peg with extras included in the package

Available in camo color (RealTree Xtra)

Open, full-radius ergonomic handle

Can be set to click or not by simply turning the moon

Adjustable bracket system with bracket stop for quick and easy loading.

Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter bow release
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6. TruFire Hardcore Max Release

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The Hardcore Max has a wrist strap made from pure leather, which is strong enough to help you draw the bow. This strap also makes it quite easy to draw because the pulling tension is transferred to the upper arm. It further secures the release to the hand, preventing it from falling off and getting lost.

Its wrist strap has a fold back feature that allows you to fold back the release so as to get it out of your way when you are doing hand oriented tasks such as climbing up a tree or stand.

Its release head can be tilted on both sides because it is mounted on a self-centering knuckle. This gives you a tilt of about 20 degrees on both the left and right side, which is quite beneficial because it helps you eliminate side torque when drawing the string.

The length from the release to the wrist strap is adjustable by 5/8 inches. This is simply done by unlocking the joint between the two, then screw or unscrew to reduce or increase the length. This feature makes it possible to fit the hardcore max perfectly in different hand sizes.

Features at a glance

Open hook design with a swept back trigger

Adjustable trigger travel using a simple setscrew

True fire trap tab, which allows you to secure it on your wrist using one hand

Adjustable trigger pressure to any value between 3 and 16 ounces

Thickly padded straps for comfort

Camo accent for perfect blending on the hunting ground.

TruFire Hardcore Max bow release
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7. Carter Quickie 1 Plus Release

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The Quickie 1 Plus has a buckle strap that can be attached to any wrist strap of your choice. This buckle strap is very strong and takes in all the draw weight of the bow before full draw. It has a heavy duty buckle so as to comfortably take in this weight as well. This buckle is used to adjust the distance between the release and the wrist strap, enabling you to comfortably adjust it to fit in your hands.

It has an open hook that is self-closing, meaning that it quickly returns to its non-fired position immediately after each shot (hence its name, quickie). This enables you to make quick successive shots because all you need to do is to replace the arrow. It can be used on either the D loop or serving, making it quite versatile because it can be used with a wide array of compound bows. It has no click and this makes its shooting very silent, which is ideal for hunting.

It features the new version of the interchangeable tension system, which is quite popular nowadays because it enables you to make quick and simple spring changes without dismantling the whole release.

Features at a glance

Quite small in size but has a very big trigger

Set screw for adjusting the trigger pressure and trigger travel

Black in color

Resets its hook after each shot

Buckle strap for attaching it to a wrist strap.

Carter Quickie 1 Plus bow release
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8. Jim Fletcher Jimi T Release

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The body of this release has a very strong and rigid build quality. It features a 3 finger design handle that is designed ergonomically with 3 finger grooves for maximum grip. It has a very crisp trigger, which is available in 3 options: a basic stainless steel trigger pin, a knurled trigger pin that slides over the pin and a knurled thimble that is highly adjustable in terms of position. These give you customization options to choose from in order to customize your trigger to your liking. Any of these trigger options can have its pressure adjusted without affecting its trigger travel, enabling you to harden or soften the pull to suit your personal preference.

It has a center linkage system that connects the trigger to the hook, which works very smoothly, giving you very swift releases during every shot.

It is available in two color options that include a blue on black anodized color and a pewter on the bronze color. The pewter on bronze color has a camo like an appearance, making it capable of blending well in the woods, especially when matched with a similar colored jacket. This makes it ideal for hunting.

Features at a glance

Ergonomic three finger design for comfort and grip

Center linkage system for smooth and efficient firing

Available in 3 trigger options

Available in two color blends

Trigger is easily adjustable but causes no trigger travel

Jim Fletcher Jimi T bow release
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9. Cobra Archery Trophy Release (Single Jaw)

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The Cobra Trophy release comes in 3 options: a sidewinder, a Diamondback and a single jaw. The single jaw’s main difference from the rest is its single jaw/hook for grabbing onto the bowstring. It is designed for use with a D loop and its jaw is precision-machined to accommodate sharper string angles of the shorter axle to axle bows as well as to endure years of rugged and rough handling. The jaw is also well polished so that it minimizes wear and tear of the D loop while also increasing shot accuracy at the same time.

It features a stainless steel knurled trigger that is extremely tough to resist wear and tear. This trigger’s sensitivity is fully adjustable, giving you the option of setting the trigger to your preferred pull pressure.

It comes attached to a leather wrist strap that holds it in place. This is particularly useful for the careless hunter. This strap also helps in reducing the strain that other strapless releases place on the fingers because it transfers the draw weight to the upper arm. This makes it very safe and easy to use.

Features at a glance

Comes with a lifetime warranty

Ambidextrous design. Can be used by either the left or right hand

Leather straps and precision machined components make it very durable

Adjustable trigger pressure

Spring loaded jaw and trigger, with the jaw requiring a one-touch loading.

Cobra Archery Trophy Release (Single Jaw).best bow release
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10. Sharrow Thumb Release

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This release is very small in size. It has an ergonomic 3 finger design, with two finger bed grooves for the middle and ring finger and an O-ring groove for the index finger. These groves make it very comfortable to hold and also provide good grip when drawing the bow string. Its small design makes it almost disappear inside the palm as you form a fist around it. This makes it less cumbersome to use.

It has a thumb trigger that is very adjustable. Its pressure can be reduced or increased using an easily accessible sensitivity adjustment screw. This trigger has a knurled stainless steel barrel that is tough and durable and provides just enough grip for the thumb to press onto it firmly.

Its jaw is located on the opposite end of the thumb barrel and must be manually locked in place after every shot. This gives it the benefit of being very safe because you only lock it while you are aware of what you are doing. This prevents the occurrence of injuries such as painful pinches that might occur if part of your skin is caught up as the jaw closes. This scenario, although rare, might occur on self-locking jaws in other types of releases.

Features at a glance

Available in many colors (black, blue, red, gold and green)

Full stainless steel construction makes it very strong and durable

3 finger ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use

Jaw must be closed manually after shooting

Specifically designed for use with a bow having a D loop.

Sharrow Thumb bow release
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Buying Guide

best bow release

Before acquiring any bow release, you should consider its:

1. Type

A bow release is defined by its release type. There are 2 different release types: wrist triggers and handheld releases. Wrist triggers comprise of a thick wristband and either a rod or a string attaching the release to this wristband. They are very popular among hunters and archers because they are permanently attached to the arm, preventing them from falling off. They are also quite easy to use because of the familiarity of their triggers (caliper style) with what most people have in mind.

Handheld releases, also called T releases, rely solely on the strength of your fingers. They use either a back tension or thumb switch mechanism to fire the string, with the firing hook mechanism poking out between the index and middle finger as you hold it in your fist.

Generally, wrist triggers are better off but some prefer handheld releases. The best option would be to try both styles in order to determine which suits you the most.

best bow release
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2. Compatibility

Bow strings are usually set up differently. Some have a D loop, others have a metal nock and others might even just have a plain bow string. Before purchasing any bow release, ensure you check whether it is compatible with the bowstring setup that you have on your bow.

3. Comfort

Whether it is a wrist or a handheld release, comfort should not be under looked because an uncomfortable release will affect the accuracy of your shots. When it comes to wrist releases, check whether the wrist strap is sufficiently padded with soft material so that it feels comfortable when drawing. Handheld releases should be ergonomically designed so that they fit snugly in your fist and grip tightly so that they do not fall off. Some are available in 3 or 4 finger groove designs and it would be wise to select the one that you are most comfortable with.

4. Adjustability

Hand sizes differ from archer to archer and from hunter to hunter as well. For this reason, it would be wise to have a highly adjustable bow release. Wrist releases for instance, should have buckle or Velcro straps to adjust it for a perfect grip on the arm. They should also have adjustable lengths between the strap and the release for more flexibility.

Triggers should also be adjustable between high sensitivity (requiring little pulling pressure) and low sensitivity (requiring a lot of pulling pressure). This is quite useful because archers and hunters alike, have different preferences when it comes to firing their shot.

5. Noise

This is an important factor to consider if you are more of a hunter than a sport archer. Noisy equipment should not be considered for hunting because they might scare your prey, causing them to escape form your aim at full speed.

By noisy equipment, releases with click sounds are the guilty party here such should be avoided at all costs. However, if the click sound is removable, the release can be considered. If you are a target shooter, this is probably not a big deal to you so the choice between a click and a non-click release should be down to personal preference.


People have different needs and preferences. Archers and hunters too have different needs and preferences when it comes to bow releases. Personal preferences in a release might be easy to identify but getting the best one to suit your needs might be tough, especially if you are new to archery or hunting. However, if you consider the compatibility, noise, comfort and adjustability of each type of release, then you will most likely narrow down the 10 best bow releases above to the best one for you.

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