What are recurve bows?

"So long as the new moon returns in heaven a bent, beautiful bow, so long will the fascination of archery keep hold in the hearts of men."

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Recurve bows are perhaps the most well-known bow designs: if you've ever seen a movie with traditional archers, you've almost certainly seen them use a recurve bow. These bows were used by the Persians, Greeks, Egyptians, and pretty much every other badass archer. When not being used, the limbs of a recurve bow curve away from the archer. This design allows it to store more energy and deliver it more efficiently than a straight-limbed bow, which provides the arrow more speed and energy. As a result, your shots will be more powerful, and you will be more confident in delivering that precise shot to your target.

Still not convinced in the greatness a recurve bow has to offer? Well, many experienced archers are still in search of the best recurve bow available. There is even an Olympic sport based on these recurve bows. As you might expect, the archers in the Olympics use the most advanced recurved bows, but these also come with an expensive price tag. Therefore, we would happily inform you that there are still sources that would narrow down a list with the best recurve bows that come at an affordable price tag.

Recurve bows

Recurve bows come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but they always have one feature: the badass design on which they are based. Because there are so many various types of recurve bows, it might be difficult to find the one that is right for you. A recurve long bow, for example, may be more suitable for a larger individual, whilst a recurve crossbow may be the best fit for someone with less power. As a result, before you go out and buy the best recurve bow, evaluate what would be better suitable for you. To make things easier for you, we've included two recurve bow alternatives: recurve long bows and recurve crossbows.

Recurve longbows

Shooting a traditional long bow will offer you a unique, challenging, and somewhat mystical archery experience.”

The beauty of traditional archery with long bows is the lack of gadgets and aids that advanced bows have nowadays. It all comes down to your bow and arrow skills with a traditional recurve long bow. It will give you the thrill and adrenaline that traditional archers experienced when they still had to hunt down their prey to get food on the plate. These hunters had little choice but to create a recurve bow out of whatever materials they could find on the ground, which resulted in bows that were poorly designed. As a result, they missed more shots than they would have liked. Luckily, you can still enjoy the thrill of hunting with classic recurve bows while avoiding the hassle of making one yourself.

Many manufacturers recognize the value of traditional recurve bows and would be delighted to create the ideal one for you. But where do you begin your hunt for the one that is suit specifically for you? This question was asked by a large number of archers. As a result, people began to experiment with various bows from various manufacturers and do study on the others. These archers love to share their opinions on the best recurve longbows, in order to provide you with the right content in the search of choosing the best longbow.

best recurve longbows

Recurve crossbows

"You can't not look cool with a crossbow"

An alternative to traditional archery is crossbows. Fast, accurate, and stealthy: this is what crossbows are known for. A good crossbow is the ultimate bow hunting weapon. Crossbows exist in different variants, which are based on the limbs system and design. For example, compound, pistol, recurve, and many more. Our favorite is the recurve one, because these are very powerful hunting machines. As with the bows, recurve crossbows slightly curve away from the shooter at each end of the bow. This ensures that each string has the most tension possible. This design distinguishes it from other crossbows, which is why it's known as a recurve crossbow. Because no cables or cams move when being shot, recurve crossbows are also quieter than other crossbows.

Because there are so many different types of recurve crossbows, let alone all types of crossbows, finding the correct fit can be difficult. Manufacturers will always tell you why you should buy their recurve crossbow rather than one from a competitor. We'd like to point out that, similar to the recurve bows and recurve longbows mentioned above, there are also independent comparisons of the best recurve crossbows on the market. These lists make it simple to evaluate the best options and make an informed decision on which recurve crossbow to buy.

best recurve crossbows


In this article, we’ve explained why you should choose for a recurved bow instead of a regular, straight-limbed bow. In case you missed: because of the design where the ends curve away from the archer, there is more energy that can be put into your shot which results in a more powerful blow. Besides, it also has that cool and badass look that Persians and Greeks had back in the day. It will provide you with a similar thrill and adrenaline when you are practicing or hunting.

You can choose between a standard recurve bow and a compound recurve bow till you know what you like about hunting and where to start. Then you may compare the best recurve bows available. Is a long bow more suited to your style of archery? Then look at the best recurve longbows available. Finally, do you wish to fire a powerful shot with a single finger tab? Then have a look at the best recurve crossbows.

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