Which Statement about broadheads is True?

Gold tip arrow

Bow hunters are some of the most opinionated people you will ever meet. There are some hunters who believe their equipment is the best. There are others who think their shooting style is the best. One of the pieces of equipment that bow hunters are most opinionated about are broadheads. This has resulted in many myths … Read more

What Should be Used to Screw Broadheads

Broadhead case

Bow-hunting is a thrilling and exciting hobby for those who enjoy it. One of the most important tools required for this thrilling pastime activity is a broadhead arrow. Broadhead arrows aka broadheads are primarily used for hunting big game. This is because they are sharp and they are pretty much deadly on impact. To be … Read more

How to sharpen broadheads


Even though sharpening your broadhead could be a monotonous task, this could be the deciding factor for your shot. Sharpening your broadheads all through the season is vital. Based on your hunting environment, your broadheads can be exposed to external conditions like moisture. This could lead to rusting, and the resultant rust can dull the broadhead … Read more

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