Expert Tips and Tactics of Bow Hunting Bear

Bow hunting bear is an ancient activity that has been undertaken both as a sport and for nutrition. Bears are dangerous game animals. Whether you are an experienced archer or a first-time bear hunter, it is important that you have a sound understanding of the prey’s characteristics and behavior, and that you are familiar with everything that entails bow hunting bear. You need to know about shot placements and how lethal a well-placed arrow can be. You also need to have a perfect sound judgment to minimize conflict between you and other animals in the wild. Here are a few tips that can come in handy.

bow hunting bear

Bow hunting Bear: Hunting Gear

When bow hunting bear, you need to be mobile, quiet and blend in nicely with your terrain.

Foot wear

You should invest in footwear that adds to your stealth to enable you to slip in quietly. Footwear affects your ability to move quietly when hunting. You need to choose something that has a minimal tread on the bottom, lightweight and easy to slip off. Your ability to be quiet will enable you to get in for close shots.

Bow holder

A bow holder that mounts to your belt is a handy tool when going out hunting bear. It provides a place where you can rest your bow on, especially when you are not moving at all. It also allows a solid base for your bow to lay your optics on top of our bow limbs.


When hunting, your head and hands makes the most movement. You need to make sure you are well covered by wearing gloves on your hands and covering your face with paint or a mask. Before purchasing a hunting garment, make sure the fabric is quiet and does not make any noise. This is because bears have amazing ears. The slightest noise from your clothing will get you busted. Preferably, invest in soft, lightweight fleece or wool that is also quiet against sticks and briars. More importantly, buy fabric that can easily blend into the kind of terrain you will be hunting in. Additionally, remember bears are thought to have the best sense of smell of any animal on Earth. Therefore, it is recommended that you invent in some scent-blocking clothing, such as scent blocking jackets, to prevent the animal from being alerted by smelling your presence in the woods.

Bow and Arrow Equipment 

Bears are just as mortal as any other animal. Invest in a bow whose peak weighs at least 50lbs and arrows with at least 300 grains. For optimal results, choose a heavy arrow that is ideally more than 600 grains with a solid, tough, and mechanical broad head. This will maximize your opportunity to kill a bear.

Going for the kill

Before going out on a hunt, it is vital to have some knowledge of the prey’s behavior and the place you will be hunting. Remember also that when it comes to hunting bears, you only get better with time. Hence, you need to engage in a lot of practice to become good at it.

Play the wind right 

Before you start hunting, make sure you know which direction the wind is blowing. Just like their ears, bears have one of the best noses in the world. You do not want the wind to blow your scent towards the bear’s direction. There is no way you can outsmart it that way. Always make sure the wind is in your favor.


Use anything you can find to block yourself from the bear. Try to mimic the postures of these objects as much as possible. Whether it is the smallest tree or bush piles, use them to conceal yourself. [pullquote align=”normal”]Bears are good at identifying humans especially when you are on two legs with your arms sticking out (!). If you mimic a rock and stay tight and compact, the bear will not be able to spot you as a threat. They will assume you are just another rock or simply part of the surroundings. [/pullquote]

Using these objects to block yourself will also enable you to cover ground faster. Remember, even though bears have poor eyesight, they easily pick up movement.

Visual of the animal’s eyes

If you can see the bear’s eyes, it only means that it can see you too. Hence, only make your movements when its head is down, looking the other way or when grass or trees cover its eyes.

Bow Hunting Bear: Where to aim

Know the bear anatomy

Understanding a bear’s anatomy and having the right equipment is the first step in bow hunting bear. The anatomy of a bear is significantly different from that of a deer or an elk. The most crucial thing you need to know is that a bear’s lungs sit further back compared to those of ungulates. However, they offer a sizeable kill zone. But, this is not a reason for you to be a sloppy shooter. You can learn more about the anatomy of a bear through online searches.

bow hunting bear

Shot Placement

Choosing the right spot when aiming for a bear is a daunting task. You do not want to end up with an attack or an injured bear. You need to be a sure of your shot before letting of the arrow from your bow.

First of all, never take a shot at a bear from behind. You will only end up with a wounded and suffering bear that you will probably never find. Secondly, avoid frontal shots. This area is filled with a lot of muscle and bone for an arrow to penetrate. Also, it increases your chances of being charged at or having a wounded bear running in the wild.

A good bow hunter never takes a shot other than broadside or quartering away. Proper spot and stalk skills will get you in the right position to make your shot. When aiming to kill, your shot should pass through both its lungs. Patience is also a great virtue when bow hunting bears and will pay off a great deal.

Hunting is an excellent way to become acquainted with the world around you and a great pastime. The secret to successful bear bow hunting is planning, staying alert and thinking through every move you make. The woods or the outlands are a dangerous place for humans especially if you are unfamiliar with the grounds. Always follow the set-out rules, undertake proper precautions and avoid provoking a bear.

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