Where should broadheads be kept while traveling to and from the field?

Broadheads are big and sharp and, therefore, dangerous. This means they must be carried in a very specific way to ensure they do not cause any harm to the person carrying them. Carrying them haphazardly can result in a serious injury.

In this post, we will share with you a special way to carry your broadheads when traveling to and from the field. The information we will share with you will help you to stay safe.


Where to keep broadheads when traveling to and from the field

When traveling to and from the field, there are two things you can use to carry your broadheads safely. These are – a broadhead case or a quiver. There are numerous other statements about broadheads which are not all true. Therefore, you should consider these tips carefully. 

Using a broadhead case to safely carry your broadheads

A broadhead case is a special type of case that you can use to `carry your broad heads safely. A typical broadhead case is designed to carry several broadheads safely. Those who own this type of arrow-carrying case, simply put their broadheads into it to carry them safely.

The best thing about broadhead cases is that they will not only protect you from being injured but also protect your arrows from being damaged. So if you have some expensive broadheads that you would never like to see getting damaged, you should certainly get a broadhead case.

The worst thing about broadhead cases is that they tend to be expensive. Nevertheless, if you are a true hunter, you should never shy away from spending good money on hunting gear. After all, a good broadheads case should be an essential part of your hunting gear.

Example of a broadheads case

The Allen Carbon Fiber Broadhead case is one of the best broadheads cases currently available on the market. It is the best because it is made of tough ABS plastic (but it has carbon fiber color). There is no way your broadheads will cause any cuts or injuries to you while they are in this case.

In addition to protecting you from injury, this case will protect your broadheads from damage. This is because it has form inserts in which you can secure and protect your arrows. It also has a locking system to prevent your arrows from moving around in the case while you are moving it around.

The most amazing thing about this broadheads case is that it is quite compact. It can easily fit anywhere you want.

Using a quiver to safely carry your broadheads

As a bow and arrow owner, you definitely know what a quiver is. What you may not know is that there are quivers for broadheads. They may not be as popular as other types of quivers but they certainly exist. You can use a broadheads quiver to safely and conveniently carry your broadheads.

Never buy a back quiver to carry your broadheads (even if you find one that can work). Drawing broadheads from your back is not safe. The best broadhead quivers are those that are secured to the bow or at the hip. The fact that they are right in front of you will make it easy for you to draw them safely.

Example broadheads quiver

The Western Recreation Ind Vista Knight quiver is probably the best broadhead quiver in the world. It is absolutely brilliant in its construction; it is a genius piece of equipment. The quiver is made of pure leather and it has form inside.

The pure leather is thick and tough. No way your broadheads will pierce through it. The fact that it has foam inside also means that there is no way your broadheads will be damaged when you carry them in it.

The use of leather to make this quiver is clever in the sense that it makes this quiver silent. If you are hunter you know how advantageous having silent hunting gear is.

The best thing about this quiver is that it is quite cheap. Quivers like it are typically worth much more. However, this is much cheaper. The second best thing about this quiver is that it has a knife sheath. This makes it multifunctional. No need to buy a knife sheath if you have this.


Carrying broadheads can be very dangerous. It can result in serious injuries. It can also result in damage to your arrows. Luckily, you can carry broadheads safely using a broadheads case or quiver. Also, make sure your broadheads are screwed on properly.

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