Womens Compound Bow: The Ultimate Guide

Best Compound Bow for Women

Check out the best women’s compound bow and learn how to choose the right bow for your archery and hunting style.You would agree with us that female archers are the perfect mix of sexy and badassery!Best Womens Compound Bows From “the Hunger Games” to “King Arthur”, female archers are literally taking over the big and the … Read more

The Best Women’s Hunting Boots

KAMIK Women Boots

Going hunting with regular shoes, especially on uneven or soggy terrain, is often a bad idea. It is something you should only do if you don’t mind blisters, sore feet, wet feet, and stinky shoes during your hunts. This is because regular shoes are only designed for use on regular terrain; they are not designed … Read more

Women bows and arrows

Women bows and arrows

When the Olympic movement began in the 1890s, Not all Olympic sports at the time were as accepting of women in this field. One of the first sports to permit women to compete was Archery. Regarding competition, Archery has long been praised for its gender equality. Women have presumed an equal role in the competition, especially in … Read more

Compound bows for women

I think that we can all agree: women with bows are the perfect mix of sexy and badassery! Take Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games: how cool is it that she goes through the Hunger Games with her friend Peeta Mellark as a female character? As said, we can all agree that the days that … Read more

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