Bow Hunting with a Compound Bow: The Experts’ TOP 10 Secrets

Few sports and hobbies arouse much excitement as bow hunting does. Many experts bow hunters claim that “bow hunting makes you feel like a conqueror each time you hit a fast-moving target accurately“. The game is as challenging as any other high-adrenaline sport, but it can also be extremely rewarding as often a successful hunt can be source of food for the bow hunter ad his/her family.

Bow hunting with compound bow. Best compound bow.

Not only does bow hunting involve a great deal of archery skills, but also a good sense of awareness, agility and intelligence. To be on top of your game, you must do lots of practice. However, the right equipment often plays a major role in bow hunting. If you have the right equipment, shooting will be in your DNA like never before. You should also know what is needed to be a better bow hunter as the hunting season approaches.

One of the best tools of trade you will ever use in bow hunting is a compound bow. This bow uses a simple pulley-lever mechanism that requires little energy to draw. These bows are highly efficient and accurate. What that means is that, in most cases, you can only blame yourself if you miss your target with it. On the other hand, this is not to say that bow hunting with a compound bow is a walk in park. So many factors are at play that can determine whether you’re going home empty-handed, or you bring some food on your table. That’s why we’ve collected the experts’ tips and top secrets to help you pulling off a successful bow hunting trip using your favorite compound bow. Let’s get started!

Bow hunting with a compound bow: TOP 10 Best Tips From The Pros

1. Visualize a real life scenario when practice

[pullquote align=”normal”]Always visualize a real life scenario when you go for target practice. Many people fail to translate their practice into tangible results because the only thing they see is a static target. Try to imagine how a buck will move fast and unpredictably. With a live target, there are no second chances. That is what should be in your mind when practicing. [/pullquote]

2. Always do long-range practice

In this way, you will see how you make mistakes in shooting form. A longer range exaggerates the error and makes you more serious. If you imagine losing an expensive arrow due to a silly mistake, you will take more care next time.

3. Work on your accuracy

Some people erroneously think that speed trumps accuracy. On the contrary, it is advisable to set up your bow to maximize accuracy. A deer may be fast, but it cannot beat an accurate aim. To improve your accuracy, avoid super short and ultra light bows. They may seem easy to maneuver and carry, but they severely affect your aim. Of course, it is possible to find a short and light bow that is as accurate as the long and heavy ones.

Faster bows are all the rave for many shooters, but fastness does not guarantee hitting the target. Seasoned shooters prefer the slow but sure. A faster bow shoots a flatter arrow and thus does not make exact estimation a major requirement. A faster bow can be advantageous because it allows shooting a heavier arrow without forfeiting in terms of trajectory. However, it will require a better shooting ability.

A lighter arrow and head increases the speed of shooting. A better shooter hits more targets. This will boost your confidence and enable you to hit more things. If you are great at shooting, you can make a fast bow even more deadly.

Compound bows are versatile as they offer you a variety of broad heads, which provide options in terms of smoothness, accuracy, quietness and speed. Robin Hood would have been proud to own one of these. In the right hands, a compound bow is a lethal friend, although it boosts the skill of both average and below-average archers. Even if you have the most stable hold on target and a great brace height.

4. Check your sight’s bubble level

While you are at it, ensure that your sight’s bubble level is optimal. The level will show torque and cant. Too much of these will damage your accuracy. Practice checking the bubble level all the time. This will ensure that it becomes a routine. Half a bubble will have a negligible effect when you are on the field.

5. Shorten your release

To be a better shooter, you should shorten your release. Tripping the finger that you use as the release finger affects your shooting. Rather, you should shorten the release aid to be able to make a full draw while curling your finger at the middle joint. Squeezing the trigger will become smoother and you will maintain greater control.

bow hunting with a compound bow

6. Let the sight pin float

It is advisable to desist from trying to hold the pin motionless on your mark. You can do this by letting your sight pin float on and off the bull while you are in the process of pulling the trigger. Being slow and steady here is the way to go. Squeeze the trigger slowly and steadily while letting it float.

7. Have a motivating factor to your bow hunting shooting

If there is something at stake, you will take more care. Even a friendly bet can enable you to focus while at full draw. Allow all the distractions that come your way during target practice and see how your nerves hold on.

8. Try to practice shooting in poor lighting

In the true setting light is often scarce due to the brush and foliage. Even in broad daylight, sunlight can be blocked in forest cover. You should be able to train your eyesight to adapt to the available light in a real shoot. When using a compound bow, the sight pin may be distorted by poor lighting. Devote your practice to shooting under such unfavorable conditions next time you are in your backyard.

9. Ensure the arrow spine fits with the length of the bow

Your bow might need a different spine to maximize accuracy. No matter where you acquire the bow from, it will be worthwhile to consult with a technician at the shop. You might get a proper adjustment if you explain about the arrow spine you need.

10. Do not waste your shots

The first shot is more important as the second or the last. If you fire a good first shot successfully, you will grow in confidence. At times, you barely need a second or third shot (and if you do, it’s probably too late).


Remember: safety is paramount in a shooting practice or even the real thing. Make sure your target is not a human. A moving target might make you lose concentration, and you might turn your bow quickly without looking what you are shooting at. It is never too late to be careful whenever there are humans in the vicinity.

Do not allow inactivity to interfere with your form. Keep practicing even if you do not intend to go out to hunt live targets.

With these tips, you can face any adversary in the shooting range when bow hunting. Even the toughest target can become a child’s play when you have the right tools and skills.

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