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If you are a bow hunter and you want to discover what is widely regarded as the best quiver brand, you are in the right place. In this post, you will discover Tightspot Quivers and get to know everything important about this brand.

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Tightspot quiver best

A tightspot quiver is a special quality quiver. Unlike many quivers on the market, tight spot quivers are extremely well-made. As soon as you purchase one, you will start to experience it. You even wish you had purchased it earlier.

So what makes Tightspot Quivers special? Well, there are five things that make them special. First of all, they fit tight and they are lightweight. In other words, Tightspot Quivers are made in such way, that they feel like they are part of your bow. When you attach any model to your bow, you won’t even notice it is there.

Second, Tightspot Quivers are designed to hold arrows tightly. It is very unlikely that you will lose any arrows when you start using one. All your arrows will be held in the right way and very tight.

Third, the quivers have a quick-draw design. This will enable you to draw another arrow quickly in case you need a second shot.

Fourth, Tightspot Quivers are super silent. The silent design will enable you to load arrows and shoot without making any noise.

Fifth and last, these quivers have a special system that improves bow stability and balance. So if you get one, they won't mess with your accuracy.

About Tightspot Quiver

Now that you know what to expect when you purchase a Tightspot Quiver, it is time to introduce you to the company behind the equipment. The company is known as TightSpot Quivers.

It has been in existence since 2009 when it was founded by an American bow hunter by the name Joe Hawks. The man founded the hunting equipment company with the goal of helping other hunters.

Joe has steadily grown the company over the years and it is now widely known by bow hunters as the best quiver brand in the USA.

It is best known for manufacturing premium quality quivers. Its modern quivers feature aircraft aluminum and carbon rods. There is nothing quite like this company’s products.

Tightspot Quiver Pros & Cons



  • They are lightweight and they fit tight
  • They enhance balance and accuracy
  • They allow quick-draw
  • They are highly adjustable
  • They do not make any noise during use
  • They fit broadheads
  • They are backed by a world-leading warranty
  • They are somewhat more expensive

Top 3 Amazon Products Tightspot Quiver

Tightspot Quiver

Weight (ounces)




Full length (inches)




Hood to gripper (inches)




This quiver, which houses only 3 arrows, is one of the lightest balanced quivers on the market. It is this light that you probably won’t notice any difference when you attach it to your bow.

The look of this quiver is worth a mention. It is black in color and compact enough to look like an integral part of your bow. In addition to being compact, it hugs the bow tightly to eliminate torque. In simpler terms, this quiver is designed not to negatively affect accuracy in any way.

You will definitely love the aluminum frame of this product. It is tough and rugged. It can easily handle misuse and abuse. So if you are the kind of person who is clumsy or hunts in challenging environments, you will definitely love the toughness and durability of this product.

You will also adore how this quiver is easily adjustable. Attaching it and setting it up is very easy.

The only issue with this quiver is that it is not the most compact 3-arrow quiver. Smaller versions exist.



  • Lightweight and close-hugging quiver
  • Highly and easily adjustable quiver
  • Tough and rugged design quiver
  • Quick-draw design
  • Well-balanced
  • Not compact enough
  • Houses 3 arrows only


This is an amazing quiver that is perfect for people looking for a simple high-quality quiver with a lightweight and rugged design.

This Tightspot Quiver product is a highly-rated quiver that is quite better than competitor products. The number one thing you will notice about it is how tightly it hugs the bow. The fact that it hugs the bow tightly reduces noise and torque. It will barely have any negative effect on you when you are shooting your bow.

The second thing you will notice about this stunning quiver is how adjustable it is. You can adjust it in virtually every way imaginable. You can adjust its location, its balance, and how it sits on the bow. All these adjustments allow you to set this quiver perfectly for high balance and accuracy.

You will also notice that this tight spot quiver has a high gripping power. You will probably never drop or lose arrows ever again when you start using this quiver. That’s just how good it is.

One more thing worth noting about this quiver is that it has a hanging hook. This hook will allow you to hang your bow for storage or on a tree during hunting. Not many quivers come with this hook.

While there are so many things that make this quiver better than others, it also comes with one drawback – it is pricey. It costs about $30 higher than similar quality quivers. However, it is fair to note that it is definitely worth its  price.



  • Superior quality 5-arrow quiver
  • Lightweight, highly-adjustable, and balanced
  • Quick-draw design that enables quick second shots
  • Very quiet and almost vibration free
  • More expensive than other quivers


If you desire a highly-rated high-quality 5-arrow quiver, you should get this quiver immediately. It is a wonderful product that is designed to carry your arrows and enhance your hunting experience. You will be pretty happy with this product if you purchase it.

When you first lay your eyes on this quiver, you will be very impressed. The quiver can hold up to 7(!) arrows, but still has that slim look and feel. It is also not as heavy as you would expect. It is a compact, light, and stunning-looking quiver. And the best thing about it is that it works like magic.

What makes it the perfect quiver is its arrow hold. It is designed to ensure all seven arrows are securely held. Simply put, there is no way you will lose even one arrow when you go hunting with this quiver. If this makes you think that you will not be able to draw arrows quickly when you need to, you are wrong. You can still draw arrows quickly from this quiver because it has a quick-draw design.

One of the things we love the most about this quiver is the fact that it acts as a stabilizer. You can adjust it in different ways to make it balance your bow and improve your accuracy. So, in essence, what this quiver does is that it gives you something to secure your arrows and makes you a better hunter.

This is the biggest quiver sold by tight spot Quiver on Amazon. So if you are the type of hunter that likes to hunt with a bow and a quiver with many arrows, you should definitely consider this one.

The only down side about this quiver is its price. It is slightly more expensive than other quivers, but nevertheless, it is definitely worth its price!



  • Lightweight and fits tight to the bow
  • Quick-draw design for fast shots
  • Tough and long-lasting
  • Seven-arrow capacity
  • Acts as a stabilizer
  • Price


This quiver is a simple yet effective tool that can help to significantly improve your hunting experience. If you purchase it now, you will soon be able to carry with you a large number of arrows when you go hunting.

Final Remarks

You now know everything you needed to know about Tightspot Quivers. You know the company, what they make, and the best products on Amazon. So if you are looking to get a high-quality quiver, you now know that you can strongly consider Tightspot Quiver products.

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