Top 10 Best Gold Tip Arrows

Gold Tip Arrows provide bow hunters with a wide range of carbon hunting arrows built to function in every setting. Gold Tip caters to every bow hunter's demands by providing a rapid velocity line with high precision and penetration power to produce a striking performance.

Gold tip arrow

Another impressive feature of Gold Tip Arrows is its innovative 100 percent carbon production method to yield an arrow shaft that is sturdy, durable, and remains intact, shot after shot. The best part of using Gold Tip's arrows is that they are designed with optimal longevity and arrow flight while not being too hard on the buyer’s pockets.

Arrows are frequently neglected as everyone concentrates on bows and their components, which is understandable; however, they seldom consider or analyze arrow choices when looking for a bow.

The best gold tip arrows may differ based on your bow, hunting tactics, and personal preferences.

It's the arrow that flies through the air, heading for your goal. The arrow is the only item that leaves the bow and interacts with the target. You are bound to struggle with accuracy if you do not match the spine (rigidity) of the arrow to the bodyweight of your bow. Furthermore, if you don't grasp the significance of spine and grain weight, you may be shooting a hazardous shaft or won't perform well in the game.

Another thing to remember while hunting is to decide what you are buying your arrow for? Is it for hunting? If yes, what do you plan on hunting? A plethora of arrow designs will function just as effectively for antlers and moose as deer, but many will stand out as species-specific arrows. Some shafts, for example, have increased F.O.C. (Front of Center) characteristics to improve accuracy and penetration, which is vital for hunting tough, thick-skinned creatures.

What Arrow To Use

Deciding on what kind of arrow to use in this case is a crucial part of hunting the game.

Consider how you want to use your selected arrow to make things easier. If the answer is for the spring game and close-range white-tailed deer from a tree stand or ground terrain, an affordable arrow with minimal hooks and whistles will suffice. If you're a western bowhunter or a fan of the long-range practice game, I can assure you that you get what you paid for.

High-end micro-diameter arrows having a higher weight in the arrow's front half prevent crosswind-induced side-to-side drift. The pencil-thin diameter also aims to penetrate deeply. Which will be great for hunting down big games

In this article, we have listed our top picks of the best gold tip arrows that will significantly improve your skills in archery or hunting. This article will be your one-stop for all the information you need before starting the arrow buying process.

Top 10 List Gold Tip Arrows

First on our list is the kinetic pierce platinum hunting arrow. If you're seeking an arrow that can surgically pierce at lightning speed all the while withstanding real-world assault, seek no more because we have the best fit for your needs.

This arrow is best suited for hunting big games and will deliver hunters with a one-shot smooth kill of their desired big game.

The Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce Platinum is a relatively small caliber hunting arrow. It has a small diameter that makes it resistant to air drift, allowing for long-range precision. While its less weight allows it to fly quickly and smoothly. When Pierce strikes the aim, it has enough energy to smash through. According to the patent-pending Ballistic Collar Insert System, this surgical arrow has the strength of a sledgehammer to take on any hide, flesh, or bone you put into its path.


  • 100% carbon composition for optimum straightness retention
  • Small diameter for maximum precision and penetration
  • The component system with a pending patent that increases concentricity and durability
  • It makes use of a one-of-a-kind half-out insert that accommodates a standard 5/16" diameter point with 8/32 threads.
  • For competitive application, a complete line of target components is provided.
  • Specifications

    • +/-.0025 straightness tolerance, +/-.5 grains weight tolerance
    • Has a G.T.O. nock, and nock collar included for back end durability.
    • Comes with a half-out insert and a protective collar.


    • True micro diameter
    • Excellent weight tolerances
    • Factory four fletches
    • Nocks are advantageous


    • Weak inserts

    True micro diameter

    As previously stated, the Pierce Platinum’s are extremely narrow arrows. That diameter delivers on the promise of less wind resistance and enhanced penetration, which is why micro diameter arrows are famous.

    Excellent weight tolerances

    Because these arrows are thinner, a dozen of them would weigh roughly 1 gram. This will make the hunting procedure easier and allow you to focus on shooting properly while on the field.

    Factory four fletches

    If you aren't an expert tuner, Gold Tip provides a factory four-fletch with a lot more surface area and will likely produce better results.

    Nocks are advantageous

    The nocks that come with them are fantastic: they're light, tiny, and tough to "pinch."

    Weak inserts

    The inserts on the Pierce start to pull out. which can be a little annoying in return for the price paid to buy them.

    Gold Tip's Airstrike has repeatedly proven its worth! Western bow hunters laud the arrow's micro-diameter construction and ability to combine speed and strength, Along with the Dyna-Tek Slick Shield coating that makes arrow removal from targets a snap and aids in downrange penetration.

    Airstrike from Gold Tip has an ultra-light.204 inner diameter profile with an extreme center design, high tensile carbon construction, and special Dyna-Tek Slick Shield finish.

    The Airstrike is designed for speed and long-range precision. It closes vast distances faster, penetrates deeper with precise accuracy, and Is the most efficient and powerful long-range hunting arrow your target has ever seen.

    Features and specifications

  • Compact and lightweight. 204 "F.O.C. design on the interior diameter profile
  • A high modulus carbon structure ensures maximum durability.
  • The exclusive Dyna-Tek Slick Shield coating allows for deeper penetration and simpler target removal.
  • Smart Carbon Technology contains no additives and is entirely composed of carbon.
  • The most flexible and fastest long-range hunting arrow
  • +/-.001 Straightness tolerance, +/-.5 grain weight tolerance
  • G.T. accutough series nock, accutough insert, nock collar, and ballistic collar included
  • Weight - 400 (7.2 gpi), 340 (7.8 gpi), and 300 (8.5 gpi)
  • Pros

    • Durability
    • Effective shield coating


    • Tight inserts


    When shooting, you can hear the arrows slap against one other, and you don't have to worry about the shaft's damaged Tip or tail due to its rigid, built, and durable body.

    Effective shield coating

    The shield coating allows the arrow to readily draw out the target, allowing these arrows to be reused and endure a long time if properly cared for. The sleek finish appears to be helpful in making it quieter in the woods and easy to draw.

    Tight inserts

    Inserts are tight fitting and might be challenging to place within the front of shafts at first.

    Gold Tip's Hunter collection of arrows is versatile enough to meet the needs of any obstacle you may face. Thanks to Gold Tip's Smart Carbon technology, which provides speed, stability, and strength, the Gold Tip X.T. Hunters have become the "go-to" hunting arrows for thousands of bow hunters.

    One may argue that the renowned Hunter XT has stocked more cabinets than any other shaft in the Gold Tip series. You can't match this shaft's +/-.003-inch straightness rating, robust construction, and outstanding balance of accuracy and speed for the price.

    This arrow was designed to be multipurpose and will work for whatever game breed you pursue. The Hunter XT comes with G.T. Nocks and Accu-Lite Inserts in spine sizes ranging from 250 to 500.

    Features and specifications

  • Delivers high speed, precision, and agility
  • Equipped with 100% carbon technology
  • Straightness tolerance: +/-.003
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 2
  • Accu-Lite insert and G.T. Series nock are included.
  • Weigh 500 (7.3 gpi), 400 (8.2 gpi), 340 (8.9 gpi), and 300 (9.3 gpi)
  • Pros

    • Steady and long-lasting
    • Affordable cost


    • Weight

    Steady and long-lasting

    The shaft is highly durable and may be used repeatedly upon the target on the field.

    Effective shield coating

    One of the best parts about these shafts is their exceptional durability without being overly expensive.


    Even though this arrow is equipped with the most outclass features, its weight has been an issue for a few people, as it boasts a 0.65 pound weight that is slightly above the average bow weight.

    The new Force F.O.C. from Gold Tip is lightweight but hefty on the front end, giving you the best of both sides. It is designed to improve penetration after striking the target.

    Bow hunting is all about penetration following impact. The FORCE F.O.C. from Gold Tip is designed to deliver just that, with its exceptionally lightweight, high F.O.C. design in an easy-to-use configuration that makes every shot a display of FORCE.

    Features and specifications

  • +/-.5 grain weight tolerance and a +/-.001" straightness tolerance
  • Sorting is done to ensure full-shaft Straightness using several lasers
  • Smart Carbon Technology consists of pure carbon with no additives.
  • Longevity and straightness retention is remarkable.
  • Brass and aluminum inserts are also included.
  • Weight: 250 Spine 9.8 Grain/Inch | 300 Spine 8.8 Grain/Inch | 340 Spine 8.2 Grain/Inch | 400 Spine 7.4 Grain/Inch
  • Pros

    • High penetration power
    • Lightweight and easy to use


    • Reduced speed and trajectory
    • Can cause potential accuracy issues

    High penetration power

    Bow hunting is all about penetration at impact, and Gold Tip's FORCE F.O.C. intends to deliver just that to its consumers.

    Lightweight and easy to use

    Its lightweight, high F.O.C. construction in an easy-to-use setup makes every shot a display of FORCE.

    Reduced speed and trajectory

    A high FOC reduces speed and trajectory. And increased FOC can make your arrow loose a good amount of speed at long distances.

    Can cause potential accuracy issues

    A high FOC can weaken the spine of the arrow, thus causing potential accuracy problems. Because added weight in front of the arrow weakens the arrow spine.

    Gold Tip Velocity Pro accelerates sluggish bows and makes fast bows even faster by accelerating the bows. The Velocity Pro's tight tolerance is the apex of high-speed arrows. Gold Tip's famous 100 percent Carbon Technology provides durability and straightness retention that can’t be paralleled with any other bow.

    We believe these arrows are of outstanding quality and precision. There are almost no manufacturing flaws, and they performed admirably. They provide outstanding spines and low weights for today's faster speed bows, resulting in efficiency and accuracy. If you're looking for a hunting or 3D arrow, we recommend the Gold Tip Velocity Pro.

    Features and specifications

  • Engineered for speed to help you get the most out of today's technologically advanced speed bows from the industry's top leaders
  • With little extra weight, it has incredible durability and straightness retention.
  • Straightness tolerance +/-.006."
  • Tolerance for weight: 2 grains
  • The Accu-Lite nock and insert are included.
  • The following sizes are available: 600 (5.9 gpi), 500 (6.3 gpi), 400 (7.4 gpi), 340 (8.2 gpi), and 300 (8.8 gpi)
  • Pros

    • Lightweight combined with increased power
    • Slick aim towards targets


    • High price

    Lightweight combined with increased power

    With this lightweight shaft and component arrangement, you may fire with 125-grain heads while boosting your arrow's F.O.C. and maintaining an arrow weight.

    Lightweight and easy to use

    This arrow combination weighs around 370 grains and has a solid 15% F.O.C., allowing hunting arrows to travel smoothly en route to their objective.

    High price

    This fast shooting flawless bow does not compromise in the features it has to offer, thus it comes with a hefty price tag which might not be preferred by some people

    The new Gold Tip Black Label goes beyond straightness requirements to exceed your expectations. Every Black Label is ultrasonically tested at many spots down the shaft to ensure Straightness throughout and not just at the ends.

    This means that you'll be able to impress even the most experienced bow hunters through this gear. Add rogue graphics to Gold Tip's famed toughness, and you have an arrow with killer aesthetics and performance.

    The Quantum from Gold Tip is the newest member of the Black Label Family. This carefully designed gear specializes in freight train penetrations while having a micro-diameter.

    When compared to larger-diameter arrows, the 204 design reduces sideways drift. With the addition of the night rogue graphics, you experience a subtle aesthetic look that matches Gold Tip's outstanding performance.

    The Black Label Quantum offers performance that straight out destroys the target, thanks to the convergence of laser straightness, unrivaled durability, and micro-diameter penetration. all of which makes it the power-packed equipment it boasts about


  • Designed for greater penetration with micro-diameter
  • Night renegade visuals created by 204 design through Gold Tip's famed performance
  • Straightness that has been laser verified, unrivaled durability, and micro-diameter penetration
  • For increased F.O.C., stainless steel inserts are provided
  • Specifications

  • +/- 2 g weight tolerance
  • 0025" Straightness
  • Weight: 7 gpi for 400 spines | 7.7 gpi for 340 spines | 8.3 gpi for 300 spines | 9.3 gpi for 250 spine
  • ballistic collar:400 spine 15.5 gr. | 340 spine 14.6 gr. | 300 spine 13.6 gr. | 250 spine 19.0 gr.
  • Aluminum inserts: 400 spines 24.3 g | 340 spine 24.9 g | 300 spine 25.4 g | 250 spine 26.4 g
  • Pros

    • Unparalleled sharp precision
    • Aesthetically pleasing look


    • Narrow nock openings

    Unparalleled sharp precision

    The 300-400 range spine seems promising to provide a sharp precision even at large distances.

    Aesthetically pleasing look

    All the cool features wrapped up in the most aesthetic night renegade visuals give consumers all the more reasons to want to try out this beast.

    High price

  • If your nock is too tight, there will be no room left for natural movement, this will result in poor arrow flight.
  • The Kinetic collection of arrows fulfills the challenge for bow hunters searching for a robust, hard-hitting, tiny diameter shaft with unrivaled straightness retention. The Kinetic shafts are designed to produce maximum kinetic energy if you're hunting larger species or trying to improve your accuracy in windy conditions.

    Gold Tip Kinetic Kaos arrows are an excellent option for bow hunters searching for a long-lasting, hard-hitting shaft with a small diameter that offers maximum penetration. These arrows use Gold Tip's Smart Carbon Technology for optimum longevity and kinetic energy, making them an excellent choice for large game hunting or improving accuracy in windy circumstances. The Kaos is the finest arrow in Gold Tip's Kinetic range, with 2" G.T. vanes, G.T.O. series nocks and bushings, Accu-Tough inserts, and ballistic collars.

    Features and specs

  • long-lasting, hard-hitting, small-diameter shaft with unrivaled straightness retention
  • provides great precision regardless of the weather.
  • Weight Tolerance: +/-.5 grain
  • G.T.O. Series nock & nock bushing, Accu-Tough insert, and Ballistic Collar included
  • Weight (7.6 gpi), 400 (9.5 gpi), 340 (9.9 gpi), 300 (10.4 gpi)
  • Pros

    • The arrow components aid in accuracy


    • Ineffective durability

    The arrow components aid in accuracy

    This arrow becomes an exclusive deal with knocks, bushings, and inserts.

    When shooting up close to targets, the minor knocks and bushings assist in saving knocks and arrows.

    Ineffective durability

    The Kinetic collection of arrows flies well but tends to splinter when they hit a field edge target.

    The creator of this series, when asked about the primary focus behind his creation, said that he wanted his signature series to be stronger, quicker, and more powerful.

    After all," if you're going to "Wack'em n stack'em," you'll need arrows, is what he suggests.

    The legendary star Ted Nugent's series provides three diverse options for getting the job done, each with its own distinct Nugent aesthetic. The shafts display an attractive zebra pattern available in several different spines.

    If you’re looking for an attractive arrow that makes your hunting game easier and gives your gear some personality, the Ted Nugent series is worth a try.

    Features and specs

  • The series features three different options, each with its distinct style.
  • Features speedier and harder-hitting arrows.
  • Raptor vanes are equipped with G.T. Series nocks and Accu-Lite inserts.
  • Tolerance for Straightness: +/-.006
  • Tolerance for Straightness: +/-.006
  • Spines available: 500 (8.4 gpi), 400 (9.3 gpi), 300 (10.8 gpi)
  • Six shafts per bundle
  • Pros

    • The heavy weight allows for a more substantial and impactful hit
    • Good endurance


    • Tolerances may be slightly lower than those of related brands

    The heavy weight allows for a more substantial and impactful hit

    They are heavier than most arrows, which is beneficial since they have a considerably harder punch when striking the target.

    Good endurance

    Thanks to their sturdy body, these arrows can be fired through bushes and wood planks yet come out intact.

    Tolerances may be slightly lower than those of related brands

    If the arrow's spine is too weak or brittle, it will not adjust itself as quickly as it should in flight. If the arrow is weak and continues to flex, it will deviate from its intended path.

    Lightning shafts have become a hot product among Boy Scouts and 4-H organizations. The Lightning, at 28", will fit young shooters and satisfy the demands of archery camps.

    They come fully assembled, with mounting points, vanes, and nocks. The carbon shaft is more reliable and lighter than fiberglass, making it the ideal arrow for teaching children about archery.

    These "Lightning" Youth Arrows are called so because they instill confidence in young archers!

    This high-quality, long-lasting carbon arrow will improve your young archer's aim. The Lightning Youth Arrow has a black matte finish and is fletched with three White 4" Left Wing Shield Feathers. Gold Tip Nocks and 50 Grain Glue-In Field Pointer are placed on shafts cut to 28" with an interior diameter of 246".


  • A classic among Boy Scouts, summer camps, and 4-H groups.
  • More reliable and significantly lighter than fiberglass
  • Available in 28" length for use with bows weighing no more than 30 lbs.
  • Pros

    • Ideal for practice


    • Loose or missing vanes

    Ideal for practice

    These are high-quality arrows that are ideal for target practices. Amateurs can use it to learn how to aim and hold the bow correctly.

    Loose or missing vanes

    The vanes and fletching tend not to be attached firmly to the arrow, which makes them come out after a few hits.

    10. Gold Tip Super-Fly Pro Crossbow Bolt

    The Gold Tip Super-Fly Pro Crossbow Bolt is designed to translate the enormous energy generated by high-powered crossbows into more precise shots where it counts: your target.

    The Super-Fly Pro, manufactured with high modulus carbon and a super-stiff spine, delivers the long-range precision your crossbow was designed to deliver!


  • Straightness tolerance of +/-.001."
  • Straightness tolerance of +/-.001."
  • Developed for crossbows with 350+ F.P.S.
  • Smart Carbon Technology consists of pure carbon with no additives.\
  • outstanding Longevity and straightness retention
  • Weight: 8.5 gpi
  • Outer Diameter:343" Fletched with 4" Duravanes
  • Pros

    • Durability and accuracy


    • Heavy on the pocket

    Durability and accuracy

    A highly stiff spine provides extended durability and straightness retention, which promises greater accuracy in targeting the aim.

    In conclusion, besides having a bow of your liking, one must also invest in a good hunting arrow selection, as it is the most critical component of the fill-the-freezer equation. You can demonstrate where the arrow should lie between the nocking positions inside your D-loop. The more you test, research and investigate, the more probable it is that you will find a shaft that gives you confidence and precision to gauge the best experience

    Loose or missing vanes

    The super fly crossbow is a little heavy on the pocket for consumers

    How To Choose The Best Gold Tip Arrows

    It might be difficult on choosing the right Gold Tip Arrows for your bow. As shown above, there are a lot of options. The list is not based in which 1 is the best Gold Tip Arrows and 10 the worst of the list. Not sure which Gold Tip Arrows suit your bow the best? We've made a guide on how to choose the right arrow.


    You might also think that Gold Tip Arrows are not suited for your style or bow. That's why we've also made a list of alternative arrows which you can choose from for your hunting or practice game. If you have a compound bow, check out this list.

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