Top 10 best bear archery bows

Choosing a compound bow that is suitable for you and your hunting technique is a crucial decision. Not only will you have to carry your bow for the whole of the hunting season, but it also plays a major role in the decisive moment that will determine whether or not you are successful in your hunt.

Bear archery

A bow that is appropriate for a particular hunter will not necessarily work out for some other hunter because a bow is like an extension of your body. They may use it smoothly and precisely for maximum efficiency.

Buying a wrong bow may result in not fitting correctly, being too big or small, light or heavy If the draw weight is overly heavy, the hunter may not be able to draw the bow smoothly and discreetly in the game. Once the bow is drawn, the shooter may struggle to stabilize it.

There's more to choosing a bow than choosing a famous brand or the perfect design. But, with such wide varieties available, how can one decide which bow is right for them?

Worry no more because we have listed the top 10 bear archery bows with their specifications that will help you choose the right bow for you.

Bear Archery is a well-known manufacturer of some unique compound bows. Their large number of compound bow models may have you losing your mind, unsure which one is best for you? This article will help you decide which pick is best for you.

Through this article, you will be able to compare the specs of all the different models available and ultimately lead you to find the bow that caters to all your needs perfectly.

Comparison of the 10 best Bear Archery Bows

Bear Archery is one of the leading bow makers, and their flagship compound bow is the Cruzer G2.

In appearance, the Cruzer G2 is your average compound bow, but that's part of what makes it a classic and such a terrific deal.

The Cruzer G2 is an adaptable bow. It may be adjusted for draw lengths ranging from 12 to 30 inches and draw weights ranging from 5 to 70 pounds. This makes it ideal for new and seasoned hunters. It's very beneficial for novices who want to become hunters.

In addition, unlike typical compound bows, the Cruzer G2 may be adjusted with an Allen wrench. Do not need to purchase a bow press.

The Endura Fiber limbs and two cams provide a smooth draw with 70% let-off.

Trophy Ridge provides six accessories with the Cruzer G2: a four-pin sight, whisker biscuit arrow rest, and a five-arrow quiver.

All of this, yet the bow weighs only three pounds, so you can hunt all day without getting tired!

Key features

  • Draw weight varies from 15 to 70 pounds depending on draw length
  • Designed for adaptability
  • Excellent range of draw lengths
  • Poundage is customizable
  • Excellent bow for people of all ages and levels
  • It comes with a variety of accessories to get you started

2. Bear Archery Pledge Compound Bow – experienced archers

The Bear Archery Pledge compound bow is widely considered an excellent one. It features a greater draw weight, making it ideal for someone who has prior experience shooting bows. This has been an excellent choice for archers wanting to purchase their second bow. Despite having a slower fire speed than the previously stated bow, its performance does not suffer.

This bow is an excellent choice for archers who have spent time discovering which settings work best for them with this model. Most archers who want heavier poundage are hunters. Even with heavier poundage, the twin cam mechanism makes drawing easy.

Like other Bear Archery bows, this bow comes with a slew of pre-installed accessories.

You can make it clear to the vendor whether you prefer to install the accessories yourself or if you want them to do it before shipment.

Key features

  • Draw length range and 40lb to 70lb draw weight range suitable for hunters
  • 31.5" axle-to-axle with 7 1/8" brace height
  • The Pledge weighs 4.25 lbs
  • Shoots 300 feet per second with a 70% let off
  • Includes Trophy Ridge Mist 3-pin sight and Whisker Biscuit arrow rest

3. Bear Salute Compound Bow – the Hawkeye bow

Since the release of the most recent Marvel films, this Bear Salute compound bow has grown in favor. This is the same bow used by the superhero Hawkeye and featured heavily in the film Endgame. It is equipped with accessories to make your archery experience as pleasant and efficient as possible. This bow can discharge arrows at speeds of up to 300 feet per second and may be modified to accommodate varied archer draw weights.

You receive a sight, an arrow rest, a peep sight, and a D-loop with this bow. It would receive five stars in this review if it came in a left-handed form. This bow is ideal for individuals who want to go bow hunting but are hesitant to invest a large sum of money in a bow. The Bear Salute Compound Bow is a simple and effective instrument for adding excitement to your hunting excursion. This bow combines the force of archery with the adaptability of rifle shooting.

The Bear Salute compound bow is an attractive emblem for hunters looking for a dependable, accurate, and powerful new hunting tool. If you're looking for something out-of-the-box, this is the bow for you.

Key features

  • The innovative grip design reduces hand torque for improved accuracy
  • Contra-band Cables and Strings
  • Maximum versatility
  • Grow together with your bow
  • Only available in the right hand
  • Only the Mossy Oak Break Up Country camo finish is available
  • Weight varies from 50 to 70 pounds. All bows are adjustable 20 pounds below their maximum Draw length from 20" to 30" in 1" increments
  • Brace height of 7.25"

One of Bear's most expensive bows having the most minor popularity. This bow has caused considerable debate because of a similarly named bow with the same name and comes in a Hybrid Cam form. This bow is frequently confused with that one. If you're looking for the Bear Archery Approach HC, you've come to the right place. With the rise of dual cams, hybrid cam setups are becoming increasingly difficult to locate.

Buyers of this bow are asked to fine-tune it before using it. Although it arrives ready to hunt, skilled bow users should be aware of how to make sophisticated alterations to this bow.

The Bear Approach Compound Bow is a reasonably priced, durable bow for the average archer. It has a lightweight aluminum riser and fiberglass limbs for durability at an economical price. The Pivot Limb Adjustment System provides excellent adaptability to accommodate any shooter's draw length or shooting style while remaining within your budget.

Key features

  • The Bear Approach RTH is a value-packed single cam bow with exceptional performance.
  • The Approach RTH is visually stunning and feature-packed with a slew of functional innovations from Bear Archery at a price that will not be hard on your pocket, especially when you consider the RTH package included.
  • Approach RTH fires an arrow at up to 327fps and has the smooth drawing EZ3 Cam with a rotating module, which makes adjusting draw length a snap.
  • It measures a maneuverable 32" axle to axle, has a brace height of 6.25", and weighs only 4 pounds.
  • With a maximum draw weight choice ranging from 45 to 60 pounds.

Even though it isn't ready to hunt, the Bear Archery Escape receives an honorable mention. It is constructed similarly to most other Bear Archery bows and must be made from the ground up. This bow does not come with attachments and must be adjusted to your skill level. This bow may be made hunt-ready with a few modest modifications.

This bow is also available in a women's size with the reduced minimum draw weight. It can shoot at a maximum speed of 350 feet per second, which is pretty fast compared to most bows. This bow is one of Bear's best-sellers, and its high craftsmanship has earned it a devoted following.

The Bear Escape compound bow is ideal for a day of hunting or trailblazing through the woods in quest of your next big meal. You can archer precisely and accurately with pinpoint precision because of the fine-tuned technology.

This bow provides an advantage no animal can match for hunters who have trained their entire lives and need that bit of trust to arrive alive home from the hunt after a fresh kill.

Key features

  • Escape Compound Bow
  • A new integrated grip design provides a secure hold when shooting
  • Quad limbs with maximum preload for maximum power
  • Advanced 7075 aluminum riser for even limb load distribution
  • High-strength barrel nut for limb pocket pivoting fully adjustable action.
  • String suppressors with bi-dimensionally adjustable top and bottom offsets
  • During a shot, the bear hinge guard lessens lateral torque.
  • Rubber inserts in the risers absorb vibration and sound.
  • Stabilizer busing made of stainless steel

Bear Archery reintroduced this bow due to popular demand. They first didn't intend to copy the super Kodiak because they admired Bear's fantastic design. When consumers continued to enquire, they recognized it was time for a reintroduction.

This bow is available in either white maple I-Beam or purple heart I-Beam. The riser is made of Bolivian rosewood. The combination of woods results in an attractive and efficient bow. They strengthened the bow with black fiberglass as usual.

The wood can be ordered with a gloss or matte finish. There is a draw weight on both the left and right-hand models.

Key features

  • I-Beam Riser in Purple Heart with Bolivian Rosewood on the side
  • Draw weights ranging from 30” to 60” are available
  • For contemporary bow strings, tips are hand-finished.
  • Both right and left-handed versions are available.
  • Limbs with Maple action cores and a radiused brown glass back for accuracy
  • The grip is finished with fiberglass embellishments.
  • Satin or Gloss Finish
  • Rest with turkey feathers.

Bear Archery collaborated with Byron Ferguson, a trick shot master and famous hunter, to design this unique longbow. The design is Byron's, and it is built by Bear Archery, resulting in a great shooting bow with the classic style of Bear and unique Byron attributes. Anyone looking for a high-performance longbow will love the Patriot.

The riser is made of brown and black Dymondwood; the limbs are made of layers of natural hard rock maple and fiberglass, backed and faced with black fiberglass; and the tips are made of laminated black and white glass. Excellent material selection and bow design reduce hand shock along with stacking effects throughout the draw and shot cycle.

Key features

  • High-Performance longbow
  • The 3-piece reflexed and power-packed riser is crafted from black and brown hard-rock maple with a brown inlaid accent stripe.
  • Grip capped with white and black fiberglass accents.
  • Supple leather grip
  • 64" AMO length
  • D 97 Fast Flight Flemish Twist String

This is the bow for you if you want the most extraordinary hunting recurve bow with an old-school design. This bow is a throwback to a static tip bow type from 1964.

The grip is constructed of Bolivian rosewood. The riser is made of African Bubinga and reinforced with black and white fiberglass.

The length of this recurve bow is 64 inches. The static tip retains its form during the draw cycle, giving it more power. It's not only a strong hunting bow, but it also has a classic appearance.

The Static K-4 is available in both right and left-handed versions. The right-handed variant has a draw weight of 55 pounds. The left-handed variant has a weight limit of 50 pounds.

The hand-shaped brushing nocks and tips, paired with the near center-shot design, make this bow ideal for anyone seeking the finest gear in style and smoothness.

Key features

  • Bubinga riser from Africa
  • Bolivian rosewood was used to detail the grip.
  • Tips in black and white fiberglass
  • Brush nocks made of Bubinga and maple
  • Dacron String added
  • Length: 64"

In 1966, Fred Bear created the Bear Super Magnum 48. It's a short bow that works well in tree stands or ground blinds.

The African Bubinga hardwood body is reinforced with black fiberglass. It features a slender grip and a length of 48′′ AMO. It comes with a DynaFlight 97 Flemish twist bowstring that will survive during any hunting expedition, rain, or sandstorm. The limbs of the Bubinga riser are coated with clear maple, while the tips are carved and layered with black and white fiberglass.

Key features

  • This bow is designed for hunting from ground blinds and treestands, but it also works well as a fishing bow
  • It measures 48" AMO and has a center-crowned arrow shelf with a bear hair support and a leather side plate
  • African Paduk is used to make the riser
  • Clear maple laminated limbs are supported and faced with high-strength black fiberglass
  • The tips are made by hand from layered black and white fiberglass
  • DynaFlight 97 Flemish string is included

One of the Bear RTH bows' less popular compound bows is the This bow. This is somewhat more expensive and has a substantially greater minimum draw weight. This bow is not for the faint-hearted. Bear's other RTH bows provide additional adaptability for adjusting to your shooting style. This bow is for dedicated folks who know that their bow tuning metrics will not change.

The Species RTH is the ideal introductory bow for a first-time adult bow hunter since it is simple to set up and shoot. This high-performance single cam system fires at 320 feet per second and is quite affordable.

The Bear Archery Species RTH Compound bow is a short bow that archers worldwide can look back and proudly state that was their first bow.

In the coming years, finding a better beginner set will be more challenging than the Species RTH, which is affordable and filled with features usually found in higher price range bows.

This compound bow is a helpful tool for archery lovers of all levels. This bear-made compound bow can do everything, from hunting to target shooting. When selecting your style, you don't need to focus on any form of game or sport. Take the plunge and get started now!

Key features

  • Shockwaves are eliminated by using a limb dampener device.
  • EnduraFiberTM Limbs - These limbs offer unrivaled flexibility and stiffness and maximum weight adjustment for a tailored fit for each shooter. The limb's distinct form ensures consistent weight distribution.
  • RockStopsTM limb stops that may be adjusted to produce a solid back wall.
  • Ready to Hunt - The RTH package bows are packed with six Trophy Ridge accessories and are ready to hunt straight out of the box.
  • Lock Down Pocket System - A four-component system that gives the most exact riser-to-pocket-to-limb alignment in the market.
  • Limb Boot encases and insulates the limb buttock, reducing noise, shock, and vibration.


In conclusion, when talking about the top automobile manufacturing companies, you may end up in a debate on which brand is the best and which one is not, depending on your personal preferences.

Each of these automobile manufacturing companies performs an excellent job. But, some people have not-so-pleasant things to say about one or two of these brands and refuse to drive a specific kind of automobile due to poor experiences or other reasons.

PSE, Bowtech, Mathews, and Hoyt all fall in the same scenario. Each firm performs an outstanding job and pushes its competitors to do even better.

What to choose?

But that doesn't mean you straight up run out and buy the first item you see. You're supposed to make careful decisions to test drive each brand and model and make your own decision, not simply because your favorite celebrity shot it or it looks aesthetically pleasing. Shoot it because you are at ease with it.

If you're new to bow hunting and walk into an archery shop, you're likely to experience significant price shock and get overwhelmed. Let me tell you that this feeling is normal.

Relax. Breathe. And don't stop searching. What you want is the best beginner bow. Brands typically provide entry-level and intermediate models capable of firing precise arrows and killing all the large animals you want to hunt. But when in the marketplace, you are open to a thousand different options at different price ranges.

Don't stop searching

If you find the right features you require according to your affordability, only then will you be able to buy the best bow. All of this can be made possible by proper research and investigation, which will eventually lead you to buy the best bow at a fraction of the price presented by the seller.

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