How to choose Arrows for your Compound Bow

You should always take good care of your compound bow if you want it to last for a long time. If you don’t take good care of it, it could quickly get damaged forcing you to spend a lot of money to fix it or to buy a new one.

One of the ways to take good care of your bow is to always use the right arrows. Using the wrong arrows (in terms of length, weight, and design) will negatively affect your performance and damage your bow.

In this post, we will reveal to you how to choose the right arrows for your compound bow. We will also share with you the top 5 arrows for compound bows.

Best arrows for compound bows

Choosing arrows for your compound bow is not the easiest thing to do. This is because there are too many things to consider. However, while there are many things to consider, there is a simple and straightforward way to choose arrows for a compound bow. Simply follow the three steps below to choose arrows for your bow.

Step 1: Find out your draw length

Your draw length is the length of your full draw. To determine your draw length, you should measure your wingspan inches and divide it by 2.5.

If this sounds too complicated for you, you should visit the nearest archery shop and ask them to help you determine your bow length. Someone will measure your draw length accurately. This may cost a bit of money in some archery shops.

Alternatively, you can search YouTube for videos on how to determine your draw length.

Step 2: Determine arrow length

Once you determine your draw length, you should determine your arrow length. The easiest way to do this is to add 1 inch to your draw length. So if your draw length is 29 inches, your ideal arrow length will be 30 inches (29 plus 1).

Buying arrows that are your ideal arrow length will ensure you get arrows that are long enough for your draw length. This will make things much easier for you when you are shooting your compound bow.

For most men, the ideal arrow length is 30 inches. So if you cannot determine your arrow length or you are unsure, get 30-inch long compound bow arrows.

Step 3: Determine arrow weight

After determining your ideal arrow length, you should determine arrow weight (the ideal weight for your compound bow arrows). To determine arrow weight, you need to find out the draw weight of your compound bow.

Compound bow arrows should ideally weigh between six and eight grain per pound of draw weight. So if your compound bow is a 50-pound draw weight bow, your arrows should weigh between 300 grain (6 grain X 50 lbs.) and 400 grain (8 grain X 50 lbs.).

While arrows between six and eight grain per pound of draw weight are recommended, those below five grain per pound of draw weight are forbidden. You should never use arrows weighing less than five grain per pound of draw weight. Doing so could potentially damage your bow and even void your warranty.

If you follow the three steps above you will know your ideal arrow length and weight. This should make it easier for you to choose arrows for your compound bow.

Top 5 arrows for Compound Bows

Now that you know how to choose arrows for your compound bow, it is time to discover the top five arrows for compound bows. What you have just discovered in the section above should help you to pick the best arrows for your compound bow from the list of below.

The list is composed of strictly the best-selling compound bow arrows.


Length (inches)










28" - 32"


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1. Pointdo 30" Carbon Arrows (12-pack)

These arrows from Pointdo are perfect for virtually all the best-selling bows on Amazon. So if you bought your compound bow on Amazon, these will most likely work for you. They are built using carbon making them lightweight and at the same time heavy and safe enough even for moderately powerful compound bows.

According to information on the manufacturer’s website, these arrows are good enough even for 60-pound draw weight compound bows. They are also good enough for recurve bows.

In our opinion, the best thing about these arrows is that they are brightly colored (available in fluorescent green and fluorescent yellow). They are very brightly colored to enable you to see them traveling when you shoot them. This is usually part of the fun when target practicing or hunting. They are also brightly colored to enable you to easily find them after you’ve shot them. You can easily spot them even in low light situations.

The second best thing about these arrows is that they are made in such a way that they are easy to repair. Their nocks are glue-free making them easy to repair or replace when they are damaged. Six additional nocks are included in the pack as replacements. Any experienced hunter will tell you how good it is to have glue-free nocks and multiple replacement nocks.

The design of these Pointdo carbon arrows is such that the tip is very stable. This is because the tips are screwed. The stability of these tips makes them perfect for hunting because they ensure the arrows can penetrate the tough skin of different types of wild game.



  • High-quality carbon arrows (12 included in each pack)
  • Brightly colored easy to track and find arrows
  • Nocks are not glued in making easy to adjust, repair or replace
  • Six free nocks included for use as replacements
  • Only one arrow length available

You should strongly consider purchasing these arrows for your compound bow if you are looking for 30-inch carbon arrows perfect for under 60-pound draw weight compound bows.

Pointdo Carbon Arrow

2. Tiger Archery 30” Carbon Arrows (12-pack)

These 30-inch Tiger Archery compound bow arrows fit perfectly on standard size compound bows. You will have no problem shooting these carbon arrows out of your powerful compound bow.

When you get to see these carbon arrows, you will fall in love instantly. The reason why is that they are extremely well-made. They are solid, sturdy, and look powerful. When you shoot them, it is highly unlikely that that they will shatter even when they hit hard targets. This makes them much better and more durable than the cheap aluminum arrows available all over the internet.

Like the Pointdo carbon arrows reviewed above, these Tiger Archery carbon arrows are also brightly colored. They have colorful nocks and fletchings. The fletchings are designed to help the arrows move through the air as accurately as possible.

In our opinion, the most amazing thing about these carbon arrows is their glue-free replaceable nocks. These nocks can be easily replaced when broken or damaged during practice. No need to remove traces of glue first. You will find six free replacement nocks in the package that comes with these arrows.

One more thing worth mentioning about the nocks of these arrows is that they are adjustable. You can adjust them to fit your bow string better.

The weight of these arrows makes them perfect for compound bow with a draw weight between 40 and 60 pounds.



  • Premium quality 30-inch carbon arrows
  • Perfect for compound bows and for recurve bows
  • Available in multiple bright colors include yellow white
  • Glue-free replaceable nocks (six replacement nocks included)
  • Powerful and sturdy arrows (virtually indestructible)
  • Only one arrow length available

You should consider purchasing these 30-inch carbon arrows if you are looking for powerful and uncompromising carbon arrows for your 40 to 60-pound compound bow. They will definitely not disappoint you because they are built to deliver great satisfaction to hunters.

TIGER ARCHERY 30Inch Carbon Arrow

3. GPP Archery 30” Carbon Arrows (12 pack)

GPP Archery makes amazing arrows. These particular ones are specifically designed for compound bows. This is easy to see because they are 30-inch long and they have the right weight for safe use with compound bows with a draw weight as high as 60 pounds. If the draw weight of your compound bow is less than 40 pounds. You should avoid these as they will not be safe.

The design of these carbon arrows makes them perfect for use with compound bows. This is because the carbon shaft makes them lightweight but powerful enough even for moderately powerful compound bows. The carbon shaft also makes them durable.

Like all the arrows reviewed so far in this list, these arrows are also vibrantly colored. To be more specific, the arrows are black and the fletchings are brightly colored. These brightly colored fletchings make it easy to track the arrows and to easily know when they hit even long distance targets. They also make the arrows easy to find in low light conditions.

The nocks are green-colored and glue free. The fact that they are glue-free makes them a breeze to repair, replace, or adjust.

The pile design of these arrows is special. It makes these arrows accurate and perfect for target practice and target shooting. If you are an experienced archer, you will love how these arrows will make it more likely for you to hit the target.



  • Powerful 30-inch long carbon arrows
  • Perfect for high poundage compound bows
  • Very accurate and extremely durable arrows
  • Each pack comes with 12 arrows
  • Fletchings are brightly colored to make the arrows easy to track and see
  • Only one length and shaft color available

Get these arrows now if you are looking for powerful and durable carbon arrows for your compound bow. These arrows are also long enough for you to use them with a recurve bow in case you have one.

GPP Archery Carbon 30-Inch Targeting Hunting Arrows

4. Keshes Archery Carbon Arrows

These 30-inch arrows manufactured by Keshes Archery are perfect for compound bows. They are perfect even for compound bows with a draw weight as high as 60 pounds. Because they are 30-inch long, they are also perfect for recurve bows. So if you have a standard recurve bow, you can shoot these arrows using it.

These arrows are built using carbon. This makes them tough and very durable. Their heads are made of stainless steel coated with nickel. They are almost as tough as their carbon shafts. The fact that the heads are nickel coated makes them rust-resistant.

The fletchings behind these compound bow arrows are nicely designed to ensure these arrows fly true when you shoot them. They make these arrows more accurate. In other words, with these arrows in your quiver, you should be able to hit targets more often because they will make your shooting more accurate.

The nocks on these arrows are glue-free making them a breeze to replace. You just need pliers to remove them and replace them.

These arrows are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In other words, you can return them if you are not 100% satisfied by them. However, this is only true if you purchase them from the right Amazon seller.



  • Well-made 30-inch compound bow arrows
  • Ideal for compound bows and recurve bows
  • Built using very durable and quality materials
  • Brightly colored fletchings that make them easy to find
  • Not very cheap

These arrows are built using 100% carbon making them lightweight and perfect for compound bows. They may be lightweight but they are heavy enough even for high poundage bows. They are the certainly among the best arrows that money can buy.

KESHES Archery Carbon Arrows for Compound Recurve Bows

5. Musen Carbon Archery Arrows (12 pack)

These are the last arrows we will be reviewing on this list. They may be last on this list but they are not so bad. The only reason why these are number five on our list is because they are not brightly colored. In other words, you cannot easily track them and find them especially in low light conditions. Nevertheless, they are very good carbon arrows perfect for target practicing and target shooting. This is because they two activities are usually done in open fields where these arrows can easily be retrieved.

These Musen compound bow arrows have a carbon shaft and are perfectly weighted for use even with 60-pound draw weight compound bows. They are absolutely perfect for compound bows. Being 30 inches in length means they are long enough for use with recurve bows.

The carbon shaft on these arrows makes them very durable. The stainless steel heads and TPU fletchings on these arrows also makes them durable.

Unlike all the arrows reviewed so far, these arrows are available in two lengths – 28 inches long and 30 inches long. So if you are on the market for arrows shorter than 30 inches, you should get the 28-inch long pack of Musen carbon arrows.

The head son thee arrow are tough and sharp to penetrate targets and game.



  • Strong and durable carbon arrows
  • Each pack comes with 12 arrows
  • Available in two arrow lengths – 28” and 30”
  • Easy to replace glue-free nocks
  • Not available in bright colors

If you are looking for arrows that are sharp and perfect for target hunting, get these ones. You can buy these quality carbon arrows as 28-inch long arrows or 30-inch long arrows depending on your desired arrow length.

Musen Carbon Archery Arrows

Why 30-inch arrows are the best for standard compound bows

If you are an average size adult and you have a standard size compound bow, 30-inch compound bow arrows will be perfect for you. This is because when you draw them, they will not be too short for your bow. They will be long enough to sit perfectly on your bow’s riser so that they can fly true when you release them.

If you purchase arrows less than 28 inches long, they will most likely not sit perfectly on your riser and, therefore, they will not be shot properly. They will also probably fall off your arrow rest.

Why carbon arrows are the best for standard compound bows

Carbon arrows are the best for compound bows because they are lightweight. They will not really affect the weight of your bow when you put a handful of them on your arrow rest.

They are also the best for compound bows because they are extremely tough. Aluminum arrows, which are very common, tend to shatter on impact. Because carbon arrows are tougher, they do not shatter on impact. This makes them extremely durable.

Final Remarks

Choosing arrows for your compound bow is not easy. You have to first determine the arrow length you want and then to determine your desired arrow weight. In the first section of this post, you discovered how to determine both.

Of course the most important information you need is the arrow length. This is because arrow weight is not often indicated by sellers. Instead of indicating arrow weight, most sellers do the calculation and indicate the maximum draw weight compound bow for which their arrows will be perfect.

So after determining your desired arrow length and with the knowledge of your bow’s draw weight, you should be able to choose the best arrows for your compound bow.

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