Top 6 Best Recurve Bows In 2021 For Hunting And Target Shooting

In case you are in search of the best recurve bows, you are in the right place. Like all other markets in the world, recurve bows have become more popular across the world, as hunting has also been advanced.   Within the past ten years, hunting has not been as saturated and sophisticated as it is currently, all thanks to the advanced technology.

You might have been one of those people who started along with traditional guns, after that, you probably moved to bows, and then traditional recurve bows.  You just realized that there are modern recurve bows, and you are out to find them. You are doing the right thing, and we are here to help.

We have taken our time testing almost each recurves in the market, to help you find the best for your interests.  By testing, we analyzed the key features of the recurve bows, and came up with a buyer’s guide for you to check out.

All the bows we’ve mentioned here are worth the penny they cost, and you will never go wrong with them.  However, you may select the one that has the features that favor your needs, for the most benefits.

Before you get to the buyer’s guide, check out the following reviews of these 6 best recurve bows:

Comparison of the Best Recurve Bows

1.AF Archery Recurve Bow
* 40-50 pounds
* 50 inches
* Archery Hunting Shooting Target Practice
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2.Samick Sage Ready 2 Shoot Package Recurve Bow
* 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 & 55 pounds
* 62 inches
* Hunting and back yard shooting
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3.PSE Mustang 60/50 Lh Recurve Bow
* 45-55 pounds
* 60 inches
* Hunting or bow fishing
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4.HYF Archery Takedown Shooting Recurve Bow
* 18-44 pounds
* 58 inches
* Outdoor competition, hunting, and training shooting target practice
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5.Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Combo Package Kit
* 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 & 55 pounds
* 62 inches
* Hunting and back yard shooting,
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6.Traditional Takedown Recurve Bow Package
* 45 pounds
* 60 inches
* Target practice and competitions.
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1.AF Archery Handmade Traditional Recurve Bow

The AF Archery Carbon Yuan Bow launches arrows quickly, silently, and draws smoothly. It doesn’t matter whether you are a muscular guy or not, but shooting 35# at 28″ feels relatively similar to shooting 25# at 28″, with this bow. It is difficult to string like a normal horse bow given its intense curves/ slippery lamination. If you have someone to help you string it.

Overall it’s the lightest bow I’ve ever shot. It’s very elegant, but it is also very sensitive to heat and overuse. When you’re shooting in 90-degree temperatures, the sight can easily explode off the bow, you, therefore, have to note that.


*Made by carbon palate, bamboo chips, fiberglass, ash wood, and ox bone material.
*The core material is bamboo bark
*The carbon plates are mesh braid structure to add strength
*They are manufactured by AF archery
*It can mount sight, rest, and quiver


Be careful not to aim at human, and ensure you take down the string when you don’t use the bow. Please do not use very light arrows. Just put the bow in a dry and cool environment, and when you pull the string, do not go over the max draw length! Arrow weight has to be more than the poundage of the bow multiplies by 0.6


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • More powerful
  • It has aggressive styling
  • It’s comfortable to hold
  • It’s multi-functional
  • The riser is durable and light weight


  • Less portable

AF Archery Carbon Yuan Bow Archery Handmade Traditional Recurve recurve bows


2. Samick Sage Ready 2 Shoot Package Recurve Bow(Best Recurve Bow For Beginners 2020)

If you are a beginner, this Samick Sage recurve bow is for you. It is an affordable takedown recurve bow with a weight ranging from 25 to 60 pounds. As a user, your choice will determine whether or not you’ll purchase it.

Note that the limbs can influence the draw weight when replaced as per your preference. The length of its AMO bow is 62 inches, which makes it easy to smoothly and steadily despite the length of the draw.

It also uses a no-tools takedown method which makes it easy to exchange limbs, there enabling you as a user, to either increase or decrease the weight of the draw.


*It comes with accessories these accessories could be helpful o the user. For instance, an arrow rest, and a B-50 bowstring.
*The bow’s unique design
*The limbs of this bow are made of hard maple, with a single tapered knob, a mental limb pocket side, and black fiberglass.
*It employs a no-tools takedown method which makes it takedown recurve bow this will allow the user to increase or decrease the draw weight, to fit their wants and preferences.


Limbs can be purchased separately to increase or decrease draw weight as needed.


  • Up-gradable limbs, dependent of the users’ needs
  • Very high quality, worth the cost
  • Well crafted appearance
  • Great for beginners, as it’s easy to understand and operate
  • Durability is excellent
  • It provides the services appropriately


  • The bow string could be too long for some users
  • The limbs might not fit the sockets at times, and therefore stressful.

Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Combo Package recurve bows


3. PSE Mustang 60/50 Lh Recurve Bow(Best Recurve Bows For Hunting 2020)

PSE Mustang Bow is a mid-range recurve bow. Its design to hunt, and take close-range shots. Its prices will range as per the season in which you purchase them.  When ordering it, it should come along with a manual with a warranty.

For a stringer, you will need to buy aside, to replace the bowstring. Manually stringing a bow is not recommended, ad no matter how much you know it, you should not attempt it.

You will find it a bit challenging to use this recurve bow, if you are a beginner,  as it has so many adjustments and tuning to do.  So much power is needed to make each of these draws, and it will not be a very good experience for beginners.


*It has a design that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble
*It has a lightweight
*Extra attachments can be put in place thanks to the ore drilled holes
*The materials used to make the bow are strong


Do not expose it to reheat or prolonged moisture.


  • The quality of the design is awesome
  • It’s very accurate and durable
  • It has a great finish, and awesome colors
  • Its very appropriate for hunting
  • It gives a good value for money


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Not suitable for tall shooters

PSE Mustang 6050 Lh Recurve recurve recurve bows


4. HYF Archery 68 Inch Takedown Shooting Recurve Bow

This bow is made using magnesium-aluminum alloy, wood grain plastic bow grip, strong fiberglass maple laminate bow limbs, and colorful paint. Upon receiving your order, expect a bowstring tool, a piece bow riser, a piece of the bowstring and a pair of bow limbs bags.

You are also given a one year warranty when you get this bow, but you have to abide by all the rules given, be careful and use common sense. If you’re wondering what right hand is, it means that you will hold the archery bow with your Left hand and draw with your Right hand.

One thing you should be sure of is that the price is incredible for what you get. It works fantastic and incredible. Its great quality and very well put together. Nicely finished riser and limbs. This bow shootsvery nicely – accurate, fast and smooth.
It is also very easy to string and adjust and you will be very impressed with how quiet it is.


*Design for right hand archer shooters.
*Nicely finished riser and limbs
*A one-year warranty
*Quality and very well put together


Never expose your bow to reheat or prolonged moisture, and carefully inspect your bow before and during your shooting.  Also, carefully check the condition of your bowstring, limbs and riser before you shoot. a frayed bowstring should be replaced.


  • It has a one year warranty
  • It’s the safest way to properly take down ad put together recurve bow
  • It provides comfortable and strong grip
  • Highly portable due to the removable limbs
  • It has good features at an affordability price


  • Average product finishing
  • Better options available
  • Less customization options

HYF Archery 68 Inch Takedown Shooting Recurve recurve bows


5. Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Combo Package Kit

If you are for something unique and gorgeous, the Samick recurve bows  are the best. The Samick sage ready 2 shoot package is the real deal.  You will easily realize why this recurve is popular, once you have experience with it.

Both a beginner and an experienced archer can comfortably use this recurve, as the quality is excellent.  With it come all the necessities such as a quiver, the arrows, and the strings.


*The wooden design of this Samick sage package is what will attract you at first sight.  Made of hard maple, oak and olive dymondwood lamination, the recurve gives the best quality you need as a user.
*The package has got 3 premium carbon arrows, which are very quality.
*Attractive limbs


Put it in a cool, dry place. Even though the price is higher, the Samick sage ready to shoot package is well crafted and worth every of your penny.  Its quality is on another level, and friendly to use by a wide range of users, including beginners


  • Attractive appearance
  • The height of the brace is likely to stretch more accurately.
  • Brush bushing is pre-installed in it
  • Its comfortable to shoot with, as its also lightweight
  • It’s a full package a user needs for a shoot
  • It’s a takedown it has proper arrow spine and a full length arrow


  • High priced
  • The 62” length makes it difficult for shorter people to use this bow

Samick Sage Ready 2 Shoot Package Recurve recurve bows


6. Traditional Takedown Recurve Bow Package

When it comes to recreational hunting and shooting, you do not have to doubt this recurve bow.  It has shelf rest installed, and a Fleetwood 45 pounds pull takedown.  It is wood laminated, and therefore of high quality, ad able to shoot very well.

It also has feather fletched arrows which are 6- EASTON TRIBUTE 20/6 aluminum.  With 100-grain screw-in field points installed in the arrows, you can be sure of an excellent outcome.  As a result of a leather finger tab, and an armed guard, the shooting will be more enjoyable, and painless.

As for the leather suede back quiver, The recurve bow will be a great organizer for the accessories and arrows. In fact, the accessories and the arrows will perfectly fit me there, and make work easier.  Also, there will be a basic instruction, a bow stringer and practice targets included.


*The riser and limbs are made from northern hardwood and high strength fiberglass
its string is durable
*It’s more compact
*Portability or Easy to transport


Carefully inspect it before and during your shooting, carefully check the condition of your bowstring, limbs and riser before you shoot. a frayed bowstring should be replaced. please contact us when you find the bow damaged.


  • Exceptional speed
  • Easy to adjust
  • Increased mobility
  • You can use it anywhere
  • It’s comfortable on the hand
  • It’s light weight


  • Loud shots, not suitable for someone who wants more quiet bow shoots
  • Its tricky and difficult to shoot
  • Hunting from long distance or targeting farther, may be more difficult.

Traditional Takedown Recurve Bow recurve bows


Buying Guide

Are you among those looking for the best recurve bows for the next hunting/archery date? Be calm, as this guide is going to make your work so easy, and give you the bows that will change your hunting game.  Trust me, it’s not an easy job, to analyze and find out the best recurve bow by you. Mind you, your pockets are included, add that means trying out something that won’t fit your needs, may end up as a waste of money.

We are all up to save as much as we can, and if we can have someone help us analyze and come up with the best, our frustrations are reduced. That’s simply what we’ve done here. Choosing the right equipment for your profession is the key to success. In this case, a nice recurve bow is very crucial in your hunting/archery career.
It may not be the most expensive bow, but as long as it meets your needs, be sure to succeed.

With that said, before purchasing a recurve bow, consider the following:

1.The Manufacturer

Is the manufacturer reliable?  Currently, so many companies are out to make recurve bows, some of which offer inferior products, which may be of low quality.  For instance, you may buy a recurve bow with a poor riser, ad an uncomfortable grip.
As a result of such companies, recurve bows with low-quality strings, and non flexible limbs are made.  To avoid all these, you may research the best recurve bow manufacturers by consulting people who’ve already been there. They may be friends or family too.

1.The Weight Of The Bow

Do not confuse this with the draw weight.  A light-weighted bow will allow you to carry it comfortably for long hours, and therefore allow you to shoot without quickly getting tired.  However, you have to know your needs at this point. Whether you will use the bow for hunting, or target practice, will hugely determine the weight of your bow.  Also, how long are you planning to carry it out?  If you are someone who goes for long hours trips, you should consider the light recurve bows, for the conveniences of carrying them around.

 2.Choosing The Length Of The Bow

It’s as simple as longer bows shooter accurately, and further than the shorter bows.  While a 60+ inch bow is considered long for a recurve bow, any bow below that is termed average.  Are you planning to hunt big games for a large distance? Worry not, simply goes for the long recurve bows.  Note that the bow should never belong such that the bottom limb to come in contact with the grounds, whenever the recurve is held in front of you. But anyway, either way, it would still work. But why purchase a 64-inch bow for an eight-year-old though?

 3.Quality Of The Riser

First things first, the riser has to have a comfortable grip and be able to reduce the vibration during string release. If you are to ever install any additional accessories such as bow sight ad stabilizers, it shooed then includes brass bushings.   A good riser should also have been made from an aluminum and hardwood material, which is both lightweight, and durable.  This is the average standard of a modern recurve bow.

4. Limb Quality

Limbs made from fiberglass are very resistant to breaking and bending, and that should be the ideal characteristic of a limb.

5. Do You Need A Takedown To Recurve Bow?

If you can detach the two limbs of your recurve bow from the riser, by simply unscrewing the screws, that what is meant by a takedown bow?  The advantage here is normal, it makes it easy to transport and store, as you can detach the parts, and carry or transport them separately. Also, in case of any damage on a part of the bow, you only have to repair a part of it, and not the entire recurve bow.

6.Choosing Your Draw Weight

Draw weight is a simply the amount of weight required to exert on the string, for the bow to be used to its full potential.  Hunting requires a bow no less than 40 pounds draw weight.  If you are planning for big games, you will actually need 45 pound or so.  Enough draw weight will ensure that your prey is pierced deep enough, because off the force.

On the other hand, if you are for target shooting alone, the draw weight won’t is of such a huge impact, but still, your arrow will travel further with the highest draw weight.

7. Choose Your Arrows

When it comes to arrows, the truth is that they need some experimentation first, before you get to understand which are the best for you. So try too hard to get the perfect arrows for yourself, as it is almost impossible.  Simply try out with the arrows you find comfortable, without struggling so much, and with time, replace them with different ones.

There are no arrows that are perfect for certain bows.  Things such as the shooting distances, the archer, and the bow affect how the arrows work, and the best thing is to always try out.  Also, know how to shoot a bow, ad gain experience, before trying to purchase some perfect arrows.

8. Compare The Recurve Bows

After knowing about the weight draw, you can now go ahead and compare and select a recurve bow, from comparison charts.  When choosing, remember to feature a draw weight appropriately, as per your needs.

9. Read Our Reviews

In our guides, we’ve taken our time to analyze as deep as possible, o make sure you get each point right. We have included the pros and cons, the features among others. With that, you can easily read through the reviews and get the point you are looking for, in just a few minutes.

10. Are You Left Or Right-Handed

This is one of the things that is underrated, yet very important,  While some bows have been designed to serve both the right-handed and left-handed people, some have been made to draw weight from only one hand, either left or right.  If you are a beginner, the best advice is for you to choose the right-handed one, for the time being.

A right-handed recurve is comfortable, and easy to use, as the majority of people worldwide are right-handed. For that reason, a beginner will be more comfortable in that.

11. Length Of The Recurve

The rule here is that the recurve length should be twice longer than the draw length. If you are struggling to measure your draw length, here’s a tip. Spread your arms parallel to the floor without pulling your shoulder blade together. Have someone else to measure the arm span using a measuring tape, and from one middle finger to the next.

The approximate length will be the value you get divided by 2,5.  Now, the recurve bow length is the later value, multiplied by 2. The bottom line is, more accurate recurves are the longer ones.

12. Quality Of The Strings

Who doesn’t know how fast strings wear out anyway? That calls for the need of very quality strings. Low-quality strings will leave you in need to replace or upgrade them with time, making you spend so much money that you’d have invested elsewhere.

13. The Price Of The Recurve

However much the price is not a feature, it is the main factor to consider, if not the first.  Affordability and durability of a recurve bow are very vital, even before purchasing. They go handy, I a manner that, it should be durable, yet affordable.  I some cases, you may find cheap recurve bows, and be happy about the price, and fail to check out its durability.  It’s for that reason that we consider buying a durable, yet affordable recurves, as long as it’s worth the money.

Put in and how often you’ll need to use the recurve, how you’ll use it, and after how long do you need them replaced. Again, remember to take very good care of the recurve bows, so that they can serve you longer.  In case of any issue on your bows, prefer to take them to a professional, instead of just anyone. Remember, when you misuse them, you may be denied your warranty, which is very careless.

14.Are You A Beginner?

If you are a beginner, remember to check out the reviews and select the recommended curves bows for you, to save on time and unnecessary frustrations.


The Bottom Line

The above listed recurve bows are among the best in the market currently.  They are worth the money you’ll pay for them, and be sure not regret if you read the reviews.  Maintain them with care, just like any other equipment, to give it a chance to serve you long. You will play a big role in its durability, by taking good care of it.

Everyone must research whatever thing they want to purchase and ensure that they are paying for what they truly need. It is not any different when it comes to purchasing recurve bows. However, some things will drain the energy out of you, using the process of researching.

For instance, making up your mind on which recurve bow you’ll buy has become very frustrating, as the market is also full of different manufactures.  Recurve bows are truly superior to any other bow. Keep note of the things to look out when buying a recurve bow as mentioned above, and your profession will never remain the same.

By now, I hope that you’ve already identified your favorite recurve bow or that which fits your needs. To ease your work, AF Archery Carbon Yuan Bow and PSE Mustang Recurve Bow are what you need if you are for the lightest bow.

Are you a right handed archer shooter? If yes, HYF Takedown Recurve Bow will serve you best.  On the other hand, Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow is for a beginner.Some people are after the best looks, and Samick Sage Ready 2 Shoot Package Recurve Bow is there to give you the best appearances.

Lastly, organized people who need great organizer for the accessories and arrows will go for Traditional Takedown Recurve Bow Package .


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