Finding the right arrow for your bow

If you're new to archery, you might reflect what kind of arrows to use with your bow. With numerous options available, it's easy for a new coming archer to become confused when selecting the perfect arrow for your bow.

The sort of arrows you'll need may vary depending on the type of bow you use and your shooting style. A gap shooter using a recurve bow will require a different arrow than a regular longbow shooter. And this is exactly why its necessary to select the right arrow for your bow.

Don't worry if you're a beginner or even a seasonal archer because, by the end of this article, you will be equipped with all the necessary information needed when buying an arrow.

Right arrow

When looking for an arrow that goes with a particular type of bow, it is necessary to keep in mind some important features like the draw length, arrow length, and weight of your bow.

First, determine your draw length to obtain the arrow nearest to the bow's length. Measure your arm span length between your middle fingers and divide that figure by two.

Next, you need to figure out the length of your arrow. While it may feel the same as measuring the draw length, it is not. Your arrow length should not be the same as your draw length. It should be an inch longer than your draw length. If your draw length is 25 inches, your arrow length should be around 26 inches.

The third step is to select your arrow weight. The weight of the arrow you choose varies depending on what you intend to use it for.

If you're looking for the perfect arrow to use with your bow, this will be your one-stop for all kinds of arrows that may be compatible with your bow.

Compounds Bows are ideal for large game hunting. They have a draw weight of 150 pounds and arrows that can travel at speeds of up to 250 feet per second. Such a powerful bow requires a fast, sturdy, and uniform spined arrow to deliver the best precision.

Carbon, aluminum, and fiberglass are some arrows that you can look into for your compound bow.

Carbon arrows

Carbon arrows suit faster bows better since they are lighter. A significant feature is that they have a strong spine, due to which they do not bend. Another benefit is that they have less wind drift during shooting, which leads to more precise shots and stability.

Aluminum arrows

Aluminum arrows provide the best price-to-precision ratio. They are less expensive than carbon arrows, and hunters like them since they are eerily quiet when shot with a hunting bow. Another bonus is that there are several spine options to choose from. But due to their heavy weight, they are not preferred by hunters.

Fiberglass arrows

Fiberglass arrows are affordable and ideal for getting started in archery. The downside is that they splinter, so archers avoid using them.

Besides that, fiberglass models are often bulky, which is problematic for accuracy over long distances.

If you have the finances, it's advisable not to go for fiberglass arrows since they have too many issues. In contrast, the decision between carbon and aluminum is a matter of money since they are both fine alternatives.

Our Top Pick for Compound Bows

Our top picks for arrows to go with your compound bows are:

1. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrows 

The Carbon Express Maxima Hunter is designed for folks who desire precision and force in an arrow. Because Carbon Express creates them, you can be confident that they are quality carbon fiber arrows that will withstand the rigors of shooting. The arrow weighs around 10.5 pounds and is approximately 32.5 inches in length. It is also roughly 0.295 inches in diameter.

This arrow is wonderful since it is incredibly light and is a high-velocity camouflage arrow that would look amazing when hunting.

2. Carbon Express Unisex Maxima Arrows 

Compound arrows that are specially developed to give incredible accuracy and consistency. The arrow includes a launch pad precision nock, which aids in arrow release. The arrow weighs around 9.07 grains per inch and is approximately 31.5 inches long. It has Carbon Express' dynamic spine design, which enables exceptional arrow accuracy with tight ends. This gives you a new degree of control and allows you to use it again without worrying about its accuracy deteriorating.

Carbon Express's performance in the fields is one of the reasons its arrows are in great demand.

3. Easton Game Getter

Easton arrows are always included on any list of good-quality arrows. Easton, like Carbon Express, has several years of expertise in creating arrows, and this skill shows.

It's an arrow with an aluminum shaft constructed of the extremely tough 7075-T9 alloy.

The arrow also comes with uni-bushings, nocks, and inserts already mounted. While it is not a carbon arrow, it is not as quick and has less penetration, but it is still enough for a compound bow.

Best arrows for longbows

Unlike arrows designed for recurve or compound bows, longbow arrows are longer, wider, and heavier, with more rounded fletching.

Longbows are often bigger and more potent than other types of bows. Hence the arrows must be able to resist the extra force and strength when shot.

Longbow arrows are also often composed of different materials than conventional bow arrows. For example, Longbow arrows are typically made of wood, but recurve or compound bow arrows, are made of carbon, fiber, aluminum, or other synthetic materials.

Wooden arrows are used with longbows for various reasons, including their inherent strength and longevity. Wooden arrows are also less prone to shatter than other materials.

Another advantage of wooden arrows is that they are frequently less costly than synthetic arrows. This is because wooden arrows can be obtained easily and require a lower degree of manufacture than arrows made from other materials.

Hardwood arrows for longbows are an excellent option if you want robust, durable, and inexpensive arrows.

Our Top Picks for Longbow

Here are a few arrows to go with your longbow

1. TOP ARCHERY Wooden Arrows

TOP ARCHERY bow arrows are handcrafted from the best-quality hardwood with a traditional appearance and natural feathering in brown camo.

For further longevity, the beginning and end of the springs are covered in adhesive. With a draw weight of 35 to 65 lbs, these hardwood arrows do not bend and are great to be used with longbows. The total weight, including the tip, is around 45 grams.

The smooth and lightweight arrow promises a terrific shooting experience for every age bracket.

2. Traditional wooden arrows

Traditional wooden arrows are primarily wood constructed and fletched with actual feathers. Traditional archers try to use the same equipment and gear that ancient archers used for thousands of years.

Traditional wooden longbows can be used to shoot these arrows. These arrows should not be used with other types of bows since they are prone to breaking, creating a potentially hazardous scenario. Compound bows and crossbows should never be employed with wooden arrows.

Best arrows for recurve bows

Carbon arrows are arguably the greatest pick for most recurve bows, whether for shooting targets, contests, or even hunting. Carbon arrows are more efficient, durable, and safe than cheaper alternatives such as fiberglass arrows.

The target/hunting arrows with detachable tips are another excellent alternative for most recurve bows. These are suitable for recurves with draw weights ranging from 40 to 60 pounds.

Wooden arrows are silent, lightweight, durable, and far less expensive than any other arrow material. They are perfect for stump shooting as well as big game hunting. Wood Arrows produce remarkable results for both recurve and compound bow hunters.

Our Top Picks for Recurve Bows

Below are our top picks to go with a recurve bow

1. Archery Sharly Carbon Arrows

The Archery Sharly Carbon Arrows may be used for a variety of purposes. They're ideal for archery contests, target shooting, and hunting. Longbows, traditional bows, and recurve bows can all benefit from these arrows.

The substance used in these arrows is carbon fiber. This permits these arrows to be exceedingly lightweight while still being extremely strong. Light arrows travel at a considerably faster rate and have fewer drops. These arrows are ideal for novices who wish to improve their aim without worrying about dropping them.

2. Musen Carbon Fiber Arrows

Musen Carbon Fiber Arrows are designed for compound and recurve bows with high draw weight. These arrows would be great if your bow has a draw weight of 40 to 60 pounds. However, the stiffness of these arrows is explicitly intended for this range.

These arrows are incredibly light. This indicates that these arrows will fly more rapidly than heavier arrows for the same draw weight. On the other hand, heavier arrows may collect more energy from the bow, giving them significantly more penetrating force.

These arrows come with 100-grain stainless steel points that are removable, which means you can replace these points with heavier or lighter points with a different shape according to your preferences.

3. Huntingdoor 30″ Archery Carbon Target Arrows

These arrows are constructed from high-quality carbon fiber. The external diameter of these arrows is 7.9mm, while the inner diameter is 6.2mm. This signifies that the shaft has a 1.7mm shell and is hollow on the inside. This design enhances arrow stiffness while simultaneously boosting flight speed.

After several testing, the longevity of these arrows has been confirmed, and it's safe to say that they do not break easily. This makes these arrows ideal for both target practice and hunting.

The 100-grain points of the arrows can be unscrewed and changed. Because the nock is rotatable, you may use these arrows with recurve bows, longbows, and compound bows.

Best arrows for crossbows

Acquiring the most out of your crossbow is as simple as choosing suitable bolts for the task.

Crossbow bolts must have a consistent combination of strength, mobility, and precision to make an impact on the hunt. You want a bolt that can zoom in on the kill zone and hit the target with pinpoint accuracy every time.

Our Top Picks for Crossbows

Below are few of the best crossbow arrows that will allow you to stay ahead in your game

1. BloodSport Bloodhunter

The Bloodsport original Hunter crossbow arrow does not compromise quality or precision in exchange for price. This crossbow arrow is an excellent addition to any crossbow hunt as they are extremely precise and have a high penetration rate.

2. Cabela's Stalker X-Bolts

When it comes to hunting, getting a consistently precise shot is the essence of the game. Each 20-inch bolt shaft has robust carbon fibers for increased durability and a stronger spine. These bolts pack a powerful punch when they hit the target in the correct spot at the right time.

When purchasing the Stalker x-bolts, you may choose between a 298-grain flat nock and a 300-grain half-moon nock. Each bolt has 3-inch fletching to maintain uniform flight following the release.

3. Carbon Express PileDriver

The PileDriver is Carbon Express's heaviest carbon crossbow bolt. This heavyweight bolt has high kinetic energy (KE), which results in tremendous knock-down force and bone-crushing penetration while hunting large game animals.

Because of their spine uniformity, these crossbow bolts are precise. Shot after shot, the design provides more uniformity and a flatter trajectory.

In conclusion, you can have the best bow in the world, but without having them matched to the right arrow, your bow is only a stick and string. Therefore, to have the most smooth and effortless experience, knowing the best match for your bow is necessary.

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