Womens Compound Bow: The Ultimate Guide

Check out the best women's compound bow and learn how to choose the right bow for your archery and hunting style.

You would agree with us that female archers are the perfect mix of sexy and badassery!

Womens Compound Bow

From "the Hunger Games" to "King Arthur", female archers are literally taking over the big and the small screen, giving rise to a whole new generation of aspiring lady archers and huntresses.

Gone are the days when archery and bow hunting were male-centered sports, and it's now difficult to remember a time when bow huntresses had to settle for using their husband's or son's bow when they went out hunting.

Manufacturers have recognized the importance of this growing female market and have come up with a huge variety of womens compound bow packages to suit the Katniss Everdeen's of the archery.

The variety of lady-friendly compound bows has increased considerably. We created this detailed womens compound bow guide to educate not only beginner female archers but also experienced archers on what to look for in a compound bow!

If you're new to the world of compound bows , we recommend you read this guide until the end. You will find a comprehensive buyer's guide and a comparison table with all the compound bow features explained, which will help you choose the best compound bow for your archery needs and skills.

Important: These womens compound bows are not listed in descending order of preference. Each one of these womens compound bows has its own unique features, pros and cons, that make it suitable for specific archery or hunting needs. The compound bow that we prefer the most could differ from your preference. Pick the bow that best suits you!

Our Opinion Of The Best Womens Compound Bows

Womens Compound Bow Reviews

Let's explore the features of our top picks in womens compound bow packages. Without a doubt, by the end of this guide you will have identified the model that's right for your archery and hunting skills and, of course, budget.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links on this website are affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and make a purchase, we may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. We only recommend products and services that we believe will add value to our readers. Your support through these affiliate links helps keep our website running and allows us to continue providing quality content. Thank you for your support!

1. Bowtech Carbon Rose - The Womens Compound Bow for Pro's

Bowtech Archery is one of the first bow manufacturers to have understood the need for lady-friendly compound bows. The Carbon Rose is, without the shadow of a doubt, their finest product. The Carbon Rose is used by professional huntresses and archers worldwide. Since the first Bowtech Carbon Rose model saw the light back in 2014, it has stood the test of time and crushed the competition for the best womens compound bow award.

Bowtech Carbon Rose Review

What makes the Carbon Rose the most trusted hunting compound bow by professional huntresses? For starters, at just 3.2lbs this bow is among the lightest on the market, thanks to its carbon central riser, and it also features a 30" AtA length, which makes it easy to maneuver on tree stands and in tight spots when hunting.

The Carbon Rose it's a pleasure to draw and shoot thanks to the smooth-pulling, eccentric system featuring 80% effective let-off and 7" brace height, which overall aids accuracy and forgiveness. In other words, if you miss the target and come home empty-handed, you have no excuses if you're using this bow!

The bow is available bare or in a RAK package complete with all the accessories needed to tear up the fields right out of the box. The RAK Package increases the value of the bow considerably, and  includes Apex 4-Pin Sight, Octane 5-arrow quiver, Octane stabilizer, Bowtech wrist sling, Octane hostage rest, release loop, and peep sight, all of which of great quality.

What we like

What we don't

  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Premium bow from reputable brand
  • Great for hunting
  • Dead on accurate
  • High quality RAK package
  • Not for absolute beginners

2. Topoint Archery M1 For Women - Our Pick For Best Womens Compound Bow

If you're an aspiring huntress looking for your first compound bow searching for a great deal, look no further than the Topoint Archery M1 for women. This bow has an astonishing number of positive user ratings from ladies of all ages and level of experiences in archery and bow hunting, who praised the impressive value for money offered in this package. Therefore, we can state that not only we liked using the bow, but several other archers loved it just as much as we do.

With its lightweight (only 3.3 lbs), wide draw weight adjustment (19-70 lbs), 7" brace height and 80% let-off, this compound bow is undoubtedly the perfect choice for any of you ladies in need of a highly customizable bow for your growing skills and changing needs, and a robust and fast bow that won't let you down during the climax of your hunting trip or target sessions. That is not to say that the M1 will disappoint a pro lady shooter, as it packs a pretty punch, throws arrows at 320fps, and it's reported to perform comparably to models costing hundreds more.

We recommend it for the incredible $200 worth of accessories included in this package, and for the well-designed and powerful bow which ticks all the boxes for lady-friendliness.

We've also featured the standard M1 compound bow in a detailed review. Check it out if you're interested in knowing about its features and specifications in more detail.

Why do we recommend this bow as our top pick?

We recommend the Topoint Archery M1 as the best pick for womens compound bow because of the complete package it provides to not only get the first full experience of archery but also to improve your game. We've noticed that with every shot you take, you improve the feeling and make your shots more and more accurate.

What we like

What we don't

  • Lightweight 
  • Fast bow
  • $200 worth of accessories
  • Stealth features
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Some of the accessories on the M1 are not top-notch and will require upgrading at some point.

3. PSE Stinger X Stiletto

The new Ready to Shoot Pro Package of the PSE Stinger X Stiletto has all that it takes to be at the top of this list, and it's hands down one of the most impressive womens compound bow we've come across so far. Don't let the girly appearance fool you, this bow is a ruthless killer, designed with the modern huntress in mind. PSE technology has come a long way to tailor its line-up for the lady hunter, and the result, needless to say, is worth every penny.

PSE is a name that needs no introduction in the compound bows world, and one of the few that has recognized the need to satisfy the demands of the ever-growing number of female archers and huntresses. The Stinger X Stiletto is a slick bow, lightweight, fast and accurate, and certainly no less lethal than its standard "male" counterparts. The Stinger X features X-tech split limbs and adjustable SX cam for increased shooting comfort and smooth performance, even more so thanks to the generous 7-1/8" brace height and 32-1/2" AtA length.

The Ready to Shoot Package includes: Gemini sight, Whisker Biscuit rest, Shadow quiver, Flexxtech 3 stabilizer, PSE Neoprene sling, peep wheel and nock set, and the bow is available in both purple rain and the popular Muddy Girl finish.

Noticeable mention

We read some reviews that users experienced the bow as being slightly louder than similar hunting bows. This could make stealth mode more difficult. Even though we did not experience it as that much louder, we also tried it with an additional string silencer. This made the bow even make less noise than every other bow we've tried in this review.

What we like

What we don't

  • Premium bow
  • Accurate and smooth
  • Great flexibility and adjustability
  • High-quality accessory package
  • Slightly louder than comparable bows

4. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH - The Lightest And Most Compact Bow

We've already featured the Bear Cruzer G2 RTH in a special review, and we've given it a rating of 9.2/10, as it's obviously one of the best compound bow packages for the money on the market. But why do we think it makes a good choice for the lady archers and huntresses out there? Well, did you know that the Bear Cruzer G2 RTH is also available in pink finish? Just kidding. This bow is probably one of the most robust and flexible bows ever made, and an excellent.

What strikes us about the Bear Cruzer G2 and makes makes it a great lady-friendly choice, is definitely its massive draw weight range of 5-70lbs which puts it right at the top of the most adjustable compound bows, side-by-side with the Infinite Edge Pro. Simply put, this bow can fit any body frame, shape, and it's beginner-friendly.

The performance on the Cruzer is stable and accurate, thanks to the ample brace height (6 1/2")and smooth draw cycle. The bow is also very compact (AtA 30") and extremely light at just above 3lbs of weight (even lighter than the Bowtech Carbon Rose), which means you can carry it easily through the woods and operate it in full stealth mode.

On the flip side

Some ladies might find that the 30" AtA and 70% let-off makes the new Bear Cruzer G2 a little less forgiving and a little more difficult to shoot than the previous model (on which the AtA was 32" and %let-off 80%). That's why we're always telling that every person has an unique archery style. We do recommend our top picks, but always search the one that suits your archery needs.

What we like

What we don't

  • Premium bow at an affordable price
  • Extra-lightweight (3lbs)
  • Accurate and smooth
  • Great flexibility and adjustability
  • High-quality accessory package
  • Not the most forgiving bow

5. HYP Takedown Hunting Bow

This (made in the USA compound bow) is a new entry and a pleasurable surprise to find on this best womens compound bow list. The HYP Takedown Hunting Bow is, without the shadow of a doubt, the best lady-friendly compound bow we could possibly find under $200. In all honesty, this (Pink) Parker bow is perhaps the number one choice and perfect gift idea for a girl approaching archery for the first time, as it will make her experience enjoyable and her passion for archery will grow. 

Essentially, the HYP Takedown Hunting Bow has the characteristics of a youth bow, but with ample adjustability settings and custom design that can accommodate the needs of a serious huntress and more experienced female archer as well. The package includes: 3-Pin Fiber Optic Sight, Parker 4-Arrow Detachable Quiver, Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest, Peep Sight and Tubing, Brass Nock-point and bow sling.

A draw weight range of 30-50lbs and draw length of 18-28" leaves room for all size girls, and the generous 80% let-off, 31"AtA, and 7.25" brace height provides a great deal of shootability, forgiveness, and comfort, ideal for a first-time archer. 

Needless to say, the HYP Takedown Hunting Bow is also very light (3.2lbs) and extremely compact and maneuvrable, which is another plus both for target practice purposes and for all the wanna-be huntresses that feel up for a challenge.


For a first compound bow choice, the last thing an aspiring female archer needs is a bow that's heavy, clunky and difficult to shoot. Such bow will only scare the novice archer away, and she'll never pick up archery again. This is why is very important to get the right equipment, right the first time, and the HYP Takedown Hunting Bow is your best bet for this purpose, and the best under $200 (make sure you get the Pink one for a more "girly" look!)

Less suitable for real hunting

At 270fps max speed, and max draw weight of 50lbs don't expect to take this bow out for hunting and drop a whitetail deer let alone any big game. Although in the right hands, the HYP Takedown Hunting Bow can be lethal, it's still technically a youth bow, with all the limitations that this involves. 

As you can expect, cheap bow means cheap accessories. However, this is not intended to be a lifelong investment, but rather a first compound bow for a female archer to grow into before moving on to more high-end equipment.

Our thought

We think that this bow is perfect for woman who are seeking for a smaller and lighter bow that do not to expect to go out for real hunting.

What we like

What we don't

  • Perfect gift for aspiring female archer
  • Extra-lightweight (3.2lbs)
  • Ample adjustability settings
  • Easy and smooth shooting
  • Affordable
  • Not that suitable for hunting
  • Cheap accessories

6. Diamond Infinite Edge Pro RTH 

While not technically a womens compound bow, the best seller Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is a perfect bow in the hands of a female archer or hunter, be it beginner or veteran shooter. This is a top-rated bow that needs so introduction as it has been praised by an impressive multitude of lady archers worldwide for its outstanding versatility and performance. Diamond Archery has even created a special pink RTH package edition tailored for the female archers and huntress complete with pink bow case and high-quality accessories.

With its virtually infinite flexibility and versatility, the Edge Pro is the most sought-after first bow for beginners and one of the most trusted by pros archers worldwide. The huge draw weight range of 5-70lbs and the three adjustability settings available leave plenty of room to fit any body frame, size, shape and shooting style. 

With a 7" brace height and 31" AtA length, and featuring a generous 80% let-off, the Edge Pro outperforms competitors models (even high-end expensive ones) for shootability, draw cycle smoothness and application capabilities. At 310fps max speed it's not at the top of the fastest compound bows list, but rest assured that it generates enough kinetic energy to take down just any size game. Plus it's one of the quietest bows you can possibly find, which will make the huntresses task of dropping a dear in its tracks easier and more enjoyable.

The accessory package is one of great quality value and includes  6 Carbon Arrows, Tru Fire Patriot Release, 3-Pin tundra sight, hostage XL arrow rest, DeadLock lite octane quiver, tube peep sight, BCY string loop, comfort wrist sling, and 5" ultra-lite octane stabilizer.

This girls version RTH package even includes a pink Easton bow case to carry your bow around safely and with style. 

What we like

What we don't

  • Infinite flexibility
  • Great accessory package
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy and smooth shooting
  • Stealth features
  • Square grip can be uncomfortable for some

7. Diamond Edge SB-1 -  Flexibility

Another Diamond compound bow which couldn't be left out of this list, the new Edge SB-1 is an upgrade from the Edge Pro featuring cutting-edge, innovative Bowtech technology for increased easiness of adjustability and power. Both beginner female archers and seasoned huntresses will be amazed by the way the Edge SB-1 shoots and feels, and the premium accessories make the experience with this bow even more enjoyable.

The main difference between the SB-1 and the Edge Pro (and where your extra few bucks is going) is in the EZ Adjust Pocket which allows you to easily tune the bow from 7 to 70lbs with a simple turn of the limb bolt. 

Powered by the Certified Bowtech Synchronized Binary Cam system, the Edge Pro shoots arrows with dead-on accuracy and blazing speeds of up to 318fps, which is a decent improvement over the 310fps on the Edge Pro. Similarly to the Edge Pro the SB-1 features 80% let-off, 7" brace-height and 31" AtA, for maximum shooting comfort, precision and versatility.

RAK Package includes: Apex 3 Pin Fiber Optic Sight, Octane Hostage Arrow Rest, Octane 5 Arrow Quiver, Octane 5" Stabilizer, D Loop and Comfort Wrist Sling.

Difficult to handle

We've noticed that for smaller framed women and teenage girls this bow might be difficult to handle. You could find the 3.6lbs a little heavy after a long practice session or bow hunting trip.

Our recommendation

We do recommend the Diamond Edge bow for their quality. Diamond Edge is a respected brand in the world of archery and will never disappoint. 

What we like

What we don't

  • The most adjustable bow of all time
  • Great accessory package
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy and smooth shooting
  • Stealth features
  • A little heavier than the Edge Pro (3.6lbs)

8. X-Gear

An exceptional, 5-star compound bow sold at an absolute bargain price, the Leader Accessory bow also marketed under the brand X-Gear hasn't been too long on the market, but has already proven popular among both beginner and advanced female archers. This package is perfect for the aspiring female archer and huntress looking for their first bow to grow into. 

The X-Gear compound bow is a great womens compound bow. At only 3.3lbs of weight and with a compact 28" AtA, it's incredibly easy to carry around and maneuver. Featuring draw weighs adjustments between 30 and 50lbs, the XGear can be drawn easily by women of all frames and level of experiences. The wide brace height of  7" and the 70% let-off on this bow make it easy and comfortable to shoot, even for a first timer lady archers.

The X-gear full package includes:  fiber optic sight, drop away arrow rest, release aid, D string loop, peep sight, wax, and 2pcs of 30" aluminum arrow. We've experienced some downsides in the package. For example, the drop away arrow rest quality is not perfect and needs replacement at some point.

Important notice

The X-Gear is a somewhat shorter bow than other compound bows. Therefore, we recommend to bear in mind that if you are seeking for a larger bow, this might not be it. The bow is 28" AtA and if you are seeking for a larger bow we recommend the 31.5" AtA version.

What we like

We don't like

  • Flexible and versatile
  • Compact and easily maneuverable
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to shoot
  • Outstanding value for money
  • The sight and the arrow rest are not  of great quality

9. SAS Scorpii

The SAS Scorpii is a new archery/hunting bow by the reputable Southland Archery, that is quickly becoming one of the hottest sellers on the market among women of all ages and skills. The reason being, the SA Scorpii is an affodable bow that can be an excellent first compound bow choice, but has the material qualities and design of a pros bow. Give this bow a try if you're looking for a top-rated compound bow for women without the huge price tag. 

Like other bows on this list, the SAS Scorpii excels for features of maneuvrability, adjustability and shooting comfort, which makes it an ideal candidate first bow for aspiring huntresses and female archers. The net weight of 3.3lbs and compact frame at 28" AtA aid the overall bow portability and usability for women and teenage girls, while the generous 7.5" brace height increases shooting confidence and forgiveness, and will encourage a novice lady archer to pursue this sport with further dedication and enjoyment.

Important notice

With 260fps max speed, the SAS Scorpii is certainly not the fastest of the lot, even though in the right hands can be lethal.

The accessory package does not include arrows ,quiver or a release aid, which will need to be purchased separately.

Overall, we think that the SAS Scorpii deserve a place on this list for the afforsability and lady-friendly features. Try it out if you get a chance, you won't be disappointed!

What we like

What we don't

  • Flexible and versatile
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Very forgiving and easy to shoot
  • Arrows, quiver and release aids not included
  • Not very fast bow

10. Serenelife SharpEye 

The SereneLife SharpEye is one of those not-to-be-missed deals that any female archer and savvy huntress with an eye for quality and details should not overlook. This bow is quite the "new sensation" in the entry-level compound bow kits market, and  surely one of the most promising in terms of popularity and ratings. This is a made in USA affordable compound bow investment, and we recommend it to the novice female archer that wants a solid first bow to practice and hunt with, but needless to say, the pros and the more veteran huntresses will take pride on having it as part of their collection. 

Like many others on this list, the SereneLife SharpEye was not born a womens compound bow, yet it fulfil this role pretty well.

You'll notice immediately how easy this bow is to adjust and to tune to fit virtually any body size or shape, thanks to the wide draw weight adjustments of 30-70lbs. Moreover, a generous 7.4" brace height makes it extremely forgiving and very easy to shoot, which is great news for all the aspiring Katniss Everdeen with many hours of target practice ahead of them to perfect their form.

This bow is surprisingly powerful and accurate for its price range, and can shoot arrow at a respectable max speed of 320fps, which is more than enough to take down just any size game, if a hunting trip is the reason you're going to take it out for.

We believe this USA-made bow is going to be one of the hottest womens compound bow to be sold, and has already caught the attention of many female shooters who gave it a 5-star rating for performance and value for money. 

Heavy bow

At 3.9lbs of weight, this bow is a little on the heavy side compared to other shooters on this list, however this can be an advantage for the ladies looking for a bit of extra stability.

The quiver will need replacing as it has been reported to make the arrows hit the rest, and thus bend.

What we like

What we don't

  • Made in the USA
  • 7.4" brace height
  • Fast and accurate
  • Decent accessory package
  • Heavier than other womens compound bows
  • Quiver needs replacing

Womens Compound Bow Buyer's Guide

Confused by all these compound bow technical jargon? Maybe you're new to archery or you just need a refresh, and we're here to help. Below we go through the most important specs that you need to be familiar with when choosing the best womens compound bow for you. 

1. Axle-to-axle (AtA) Length

The AtA length of the bow will affect how comfortable you feel shooting with it. Longer bows tend to be more accurate than shorter ones, and feel more stable to hold on target. However, if you're particularly short you'll probably have a harder time handling a large bow, so you're better off using a shorter bow that is more maneuverable even if you need extra practice to hit the target.

2. Brace Height

The distance between the string and your bow's grip will have a big impact on how fast you can draw and how difficult it will be to hit the target. The higher the brace is the easier it will be to control the bow, but also the slowest it will shoot the arrow. On the other hand, a shorter brace height means less control but a higher rate of fire.

3. Draw Length

Women tend to be shorter than men, which also translates to shorter draw lengths. When looking for a new bow it is important that you can comfortably pull the arrow all the way to your throat. Most compound bow models give you the ability to slightly adjust the draw length, but you still need to pick one as closely to your measurements as possible, or otherwise, your speed and accuracy will suffer.

4. Draw Weight

Women tend to have less upper body strength and therefore female bows should have a lower draw weight than other bows. If you are a beginner archer you need to pick a bow with a low draw weight and work your way to the top. A higher draw weight means that the arrow will have more speed and range but will also require more strength to draw.

5. (%) Let-Off

This represents the amount of draw-force decrease when the bow has reached full draw. Going for a bow with a higher let-off will make it easier for you to shoot accurately, as you will be able to hold your draw longer and aim better at your target.

6. Bow Weight

It's easy to underestimate how much a bow weights until you're in the field and you start feeling too tired to keep hunting. If you're planning to go bow hunting you need a tool that is light enough for you to carry cross country, yet heavy enough to absorb loud vibrations and avoid making noises that will scare away your next pray.

More Advanced specs

Check out our compound bow buying guide where we go through each one of the specs above in even more detail, and also cover more advanced technical aspects of compound bows and shooting.

FAQs regarding compound bows for women

What is the easiest bow for female archers?

The powerful compound bows are said to be easier for the female archers as compared to the recurve bow because the string force at full draw is reduced subsequently because of let-off. Moreover, compound bows can be the best choice for beginner female archers because these bows are smaller, and a female can easily adjust them. In addition, these bows are available in the market with more model choices.

How much draw weight is necessary in order to kill a deer?

With 40 pounds of kinetic energy, a female archer can kill a deer and is also capable of killing big game such as white tails, bears, elk, or moose.

Is there any difference between the compound bow for men and women?

No, there is no difference between the compound bow for men and women. The compound bow just needs to have the specs that a user may need. Every compound bow we recommend comes with multiple adjustability features to meet the users' needs well. Moreover, the range of adjustable draw length and draw weight can be appropriate for women, men, and even youth archers.

Can a user shoot a compound bow using only their fingers?

Sure, shooting a compound bow using only your fingers is possible; however, it is not recommended.

Why a womens compound bow?

Historically, most compound bows were designed for men. Which was disappointing for women, as most of them would never get accustomed to these. Womens' anatomy can be very different to that of men. For starters, women are on average shorter than man, which means that some women might not be able to reach full draw comfortably on certain larger types of bow. Also, women have, on average, less upper-body strength than men, which means that they require bow of specific draw weight categories.

Nowadays, due to the surge of extra-adjustable compound bows, even a small 110 lbs woman can take a bow on a hunting trip and use it effectively to get a catch. However, for a bow to be effective it has to match the archer's measurements. If you buy the wrong bow you'll end up losing valuable time and money and your ability to hit your target will be severely handicapped.

With such a variety of options finding the right one for you can be confusing. But don't worry. Just follow our guide and you'll be able to find a compound bow that will put your arrow on the target and food on your table.

How to find the right womens compound bow

Compound bows can be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you're planning your next bowhunting trip or a weekend visit to the archery range, you'll need to take with you a bow that will keep you shooting right on target.

Finding a good bow is easy if you focus on looking for models that match your body's proportions. Compound bows are sophisticated tools. When choosing one it is a good idea to have some technical considerations in mind.

Choose The Best Womens Compound Bow For You

Take a look at the comparison table below to compare our womens compound bow picks. We have chosen not only bows that were specifically designed for women, but also bows that can be a good fit because of their size and dimensions.

By clicking on the little arrows in the column headers you can sort this table by whichever specification you want. Best rated? Fastest or cheapest bow? Highest draw weight? Just click the arrow corresponding to each specification to find out which bow meets your criteria.

This table is scrollable, also on mobile devices. Just use the scrollbar at the bottom to reveal the columns hidden on the right.

Be sure to look for models that are user-friendly and manageable based on your size and desired application. Price will be a big factor in terms of which model you choose, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Comfortease of usestyle, and overall power should be at the top of your list.

Click on the rating value under “Our RATING” to read the full review (if available) for each one of the compound bows.

Compound BowOur RatingBow weight (lbs)IBO speed (fps)Let-Off (%)Brace height (inches)AtA length (inches)Min draw length (inches)Max draw length (inches)Min draw weight (lbs)Max draw weight (lbs)Riser materialHands
Bear Cruzer G29.23.6315756.5321230570AluminumL&R
Diamond Infinite Edge9.03.1310757311330570AluminumL&R
PSE Stinger Stiletto9.33.5316757.12532.521302150AluminumL&R
Bowtech Carbon Rose9.43.23028073022.52730, 40, 5040, 50, 60CarbonL&R
TOPOINT M19.03.33208072819301970AluminumR
SAS Scorpii8.63.3260687.52819293055AluminumR
Diamond Edge SB-19.13.6318807311530770AluminumL&R
HYF Takedown Bow9.23.2270807.253118283050AluminumR
SereneLife SharpEye9.13.9320757.43023.530.53070AluminumR


What is a good bow weight for a woman?

Female archers have different requirements than men and finding a bow that satisfies those requirements is essential.

 Most women find a bow with a lower draw weight to be easier to shoot; a bow of 25 to 35 pounds should suffice for females with a small to medium physique.

What is the best archery bow for a woman?

The HYP Takedown Hunting Bow is the finest woman compound bow for less than $200.

This bow is the best option and ideal gift idea due to its numerous adjustability settings and customized design, which can meet the needs of both a beginner archer and an experienced huntress.

What's a good starter bow for a woman?

A bow that fits perfectly is the best bow for a female beginner. That means it has a suitable draw weight and length.

The Bowtech Carbon Rose is the lightest women's hunting bow, weighing only 3.2 pounds. The bow's lightweight and comfortable body allows for a smooth draw and impressive performance.

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  1. Bear cruiser is an excellent choice with its draw length adjustments and poundage…..we sell a lot of the Bear cruisers to a lot of first time shooters and lots of women…Good view all the way around……..RCJ Archery Products Brownfield Texaa


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