Womens Compound Bow 2017 Packages: The Ultimate Guide

Womens compound bows. Best compound bow for the moneyArchery and bowhunting are two sports that are becoming increasingly popular among women. Whether this is caused by the appearance of though female archers in movies, or is an organic increase in popularity in the sport, the compound bow remains the weapon of choice for most female archers. Gone are the days when archery and bowhunting were male-centered sports. Nowadays, manufacturers have recognized the importance of this growing female market and have come out with products specially made for women.

The variety of lady-friendly compound bows has increased considerably, which ironically makes choosing the best womens compound bow even more difficult. Which is why we created this brief guide to educate women on why they need a compound bow, what to look for in the perfect model, and a few examples that are definitely worth some consideration.

Why womens compound bow?

Most compound bows are designed for men. Which can be disappointing for women, as most of them will never get accustomed to these. Womens’ anatomy is completely different to that of men. For starters, women are shorter so they can’t draw the full length of the bow. Male compound bows tend to be too big for women, creating problems with the draw weight as women have less upper-body strength than men.

Compound bows are the ultimate strength equalizers. By using a sophisticated levering system of cables and pulleys to bend the limbs, compound bows give anybody the ability to shoot an arrow to a target dozens of meters away without requiring superhuman strength to draw it. Nowadays even a small 110 lbs woman can take a bow on a hunting trip and use it effectively to get a catch. However, for a bow to be effective it has to match the archer’s measurements. If you buy the wrong bow you’ll end up losing valuable time and money and your ability to hit your target will be severely handicapped.

How to find the right bow

Womens compound bow. Womens compound bow. Compound bow parts.Finding a good bow is easy if you focus on looking for models that match your body’s proportions. Compound bows are sophisticated tools. When choosing one it is a good idea to have some technical considerations in mind. Some of these key points are:

1. Bow Length: The length of the bow will affect how comfortable you feel shooting with it. Longer bows tend to be more accurate than shorter ones. However, if you’re short you’ll probably have a harder time handling a large bow, so you’re better off using a shorter bow that is more maneuverable even if you need extra practice to hit the target.

2. Brace Height: The distance between the string and your bow’s grip will have a big impact on how fast you can draw and how difficult it will be to hit the target. The higher the brace is the easier it will be to control the bow, but also the slowest it will shoot the arrow. On the other hand, a shorter brace height means less control but a higher rate of fire.

3. Draw Length: Women tend to be shorter than men, which also translates to shorter draw lengths. When looking for a new bow it is important that you can comfortably pull the arrow all the way to your throat. Most compound bow models give you the ability to slightly adjust the draw length, but you still need to pick one as closely to your measurements as possible, or otherwise, your speed and accuracy will suffer.

4. Draw Weight: Women tend to have less upper body strength and therefore female bows should have a lower draw weight than other bows. If you are a beginner archer you need to pick a bow with a low draw weight and work your way to the top. A higher draw weight means that the arrow will have more speed and range but will also require more strength to draw.

5. Let-Off: This represents the amount of draw-force decrease when the bow has reached full draw. Going for a bow with a higher let-off will make it easier for you to shoot accurately, as you will be able to hold your draw longer and aim better at your target.

6. Bow Weight: It’s easy to underestimate how much a bow weights until you’re in the field and you start feeling too tired to keep hunting. If you’re planning to go bowhunting you need a tool that is light enough for you to carry cross country, yet heavy enough to absorb loud vibrations and avoid making noises that will scare away your next pray.

Bow Grid’ s Top Womens Compound bows for 2017

Compound bows can be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re planning your next bowhunting trip or a weekend visit to the archery range, you’ll need to take the bow that will keep you shooting right on target. Here is a look at Bowgrid’s picks among the best compound bows for women for 2017.

ImageProductBowGrid's ReviewCheck lowest price on Amazon
Womens compound bows. Youth compound bows. Best compound bowBear CruzerLight and sturdy, the Bear Cruzer will be an excellent companion for your wilderness adventures. Its small frame makes it easy to carry, which is why this bow is a great choice for young archers and women, and can be used comfortably even in bushy terrain. The draw length can be adjusted to anything between 12-30 inches and it can also shoot an arrow at 310 feet per second, making it faster than other similarly-priced bows. Several different fashionable colors can be chosen to give your Bear Cruzer Bow a personal touch.
Womens compound bows. Youth compound bows. Best compound bowDiamond Infinite EdgeWith a range of 13-30 inches, the Diamond Infinite Edge has a similar draw length as the Bear Cruzer but it is lighter and easier to carry around. Its 3.1 lbs weight makes it incredibly easy to carry around during a long day of bowhunting. Even better is the huge range in which its draw weight can be adjusted, which goes from as low as 5 pounds to 70 pounds – which is more than enough to kill any type of big game.
Womens compound bow. Womens compound bowsPSE Stinger StilettoAvailable for both left and right handed archers, the PSE Stinger Stiletto is a versatile option for female bowhunters. Its let-off of 75% makes it easy to aim for long periods of time and does wonders for your accuracy. It’s easy to tune and to maintain, and has a draw length range of 21″-30″ and draw weight of 21-50 lbs. Although its slow arrow speed makes it less accurate than faster models it also makes it much more silent than faster bows, which reduces your chances of driving away nearby pray when you’re shooting.
Womens compound bows. Youth compound bows. Best compound bowBowtech Carbon RoseThe Carbon Rose by Bowtech is ideal for experienced female archers and for beginners that want to step up their archery equipment. At just 3.2 lbs, is among the lightest bows on the market. The length from axle to axle is only 30″, and is available in 40lb., 50lb., and 60lb. max draw weights. The lady-friendly built, combined with smooth draw cycle and balanced carbon riser grip makes it very comfortable to shoot. With a let-off of 80% and over, there is very little weight to hold at full draw, resulting in accurate and easily adjustable shooting. While the price of this bow is a little on the high side, you can rest assured that its value is hard to beat for the serious female archer and hunter.Visit Bowtech Archery
Womens compound bows. Youth compound bows. Best compound bowHoyt Defiant VicxenThe Vicxens bows by Hoyt are the female versions of the standard bows in Hoyt’s line. These are high quality bows with sleek design and eye-catching looks. The Defiant Vicxen bow offers top range accuracy and speed, with rock solid Hoyt-made limbs for extreme durability. While compared to the other bows reviewed here is not as light (3.6 lbs) is very easy to maneuver and a pleasure to shoot. Its 30″ axle to axle length and brace height of 6.75 inches make the draw particularly suitable for female archers. But don’t let the “girly” features fool you: this is a high energy bow, capable of delivering a great deal of force and speed, making it ideal for bowhunting and field archery.Visit Hoyt Archery
Womens compound bows. Youth compound bows. Best compound bowBowtech Eva Shockey Signaure SeriesBuilt in collaboration with Canadian huntress Eva Shockey, this bow is a premium product for serious female archers and hunters that want high-end performance only. It only weights 3.3 lbs and has a axle to axle length of 31.5″ and brace height of 6.25″, making it very fast, compact, and easy to handle and carry. It features Bowtech’s new PowerShift FlipDisc2 Technology that offers fully customizable draw cycle and rotating module to fit any shooting style. With effective let-off of 80%, and IBO speed of 332 fps, few bows on the market can beat the Eva Shockey in speed and precision. Perhaps all those top-level features can justify the high price, yet this compound bow is a must-have for all veteran lady archers out there.Visit Bowtech Archery
Womens compound bows. Youth compound bows. Best compound bowMathews JewelMathews compound bows are famous for the high quality materials and state-of-the art technology. The Jewel compound bow is a premium lightweight bow specifically crafted for women. While slightly heavier than other compound bows for women, (3.6lbs) it has a AtA length of only 29.75″ and brace length of 6″, making it one of the most compact bows on the market. From the very first shoot this bow feels very solid and precise. It features ultra-smooth draw cycle, with a let-off of 80% and speeds up to 325 feet per second. The draw length is cam specific, so make sure you fit the correct size cam, because replacing it can be costly.Visit Mathews Archery

It’s difficult to remember a time when bow huntresses had to settle for using their husband’s or son’s bow when they went out hunting. Today, more womens compound bows are available than ever before. With such a variety of options finding the right one for you can be confusing. But don’t worry. Just follow BowGrid’s tips and you’ll be able to find a compound bow that will put your arrow on the target and food on your table.

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