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9 / 10 BowGrid's rating
Materials and Design8.5
Value for money9.5
User satisfaction9
The compound bow M1 is one of the best entry-level archery kits currently available. It features a well-designed, flexible bow and comes with $200 worth of plug-and-play accessories to get you started in archery and bow hunting right away. The bow is fast and easy to shoot and set-up. It's fully customizable and requires little effort to adjust to any frame or shooting style. While some of the accessories might need upgrading, the amount of value offered in this package is indeed impressive, and worth considering as a first and best choice for women or beginner archers on a budget.
  • Fast and smooth bow
  • Made from quality materials
  • Versatile and easy to set up
  • Cost-effective kit with $200 worth of extras
  • Easy to setup and adjust
  • Cons
  • Some of the accessories are low-end
  • Accuracy not at pro levels
  • Intro

    FBA service compound bow. Best compound bow for the money.
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    The Compound Bow Package M1 is an entry-level bow package that has everything needed for a novice to get started in archery. The bow package comes with almost $200 worth of accessories at a very affordable price, and is possibly the best beginner archery set currently available.

    Undeniably, most of the accessories included are low-end, and will need to be replaced or upgraded at some point, but overall the value for money is impressive. The compound bow features a 19-70 pounds adjustable draw weight, draw length adjustable without bow press,  five-pin optical bow sight and Gordon Composites bow limb made in USA. The package also includes bow sling, 18 training carbon mix arrows and arrow quiver, so you really are all set to start shooting right away.

    Features summary

    Weight (Lbs) 3.3
    AtA (inches) 28
    %Let-Off 80
    Draw Length (Inches) 19-30
    Draw Weight (Lbs) 19-70
    Speed (FPS) 320
    Hands R

    Full Review

    Materials and design

    The compound bow included in the compound bow package M1 is a short, lightweight and compact bow, made from quality materials just like the more expensive Mathews or Hoyt compound bows, but is a real bang for the buck. It has an aluminum bow riser, handmade strings and cables, high-performance Gordon Composite limb (made in USA), and adjustable dual cam. There are 4 bow finishing colors to choose from, with the Forest Camo being the most popular.


    It has a huge draw length (19-30 inches) and weight (19-70lbs) adjustment range, which can be configured to fit smaller frame archers such as young adults or women. Adjusting the draw length and weight is easily done by turning the screw and bolts to desired levels on both ends using the provided allen keys.


    On short bows like this, the peep height as a great impact on the peep sight eye distance. The five-pin optical bow sight on this package is easy to zero, but if you’re new to archery you should visit your local pro shop for assistance. Setting up the sight pins might require some experimenting by trial and error before you find the right setup for you. The package even includes peeps of different sizes that can be adjusted to match your anchor point.


    The M1 is a surprisingly fast bow at 320FPS IBO speed, and with its let-off of 80% it’s easy to shoot and has a smooth draw cycle. The release trigger in this package can be a little extra sensitive and it isn’t tension-adjustable. This can be a major issue as it might affect shooting accuracy, at least until you get used to it. Also the release wrist strap is a little too small and some users find uncomfortable. It can be a good idea to replace the bow release with a better quality adjustable one.


    The package includes more accessories than any other on the market, but most of them are low-end. The arrows and the broadheads will need to be replaced as soon as possible, especially for bowhunting. The arrows are cheaply made and will most probably break after a few shots. The broadheads included in the package have all different weights, which makes virtually impossible to shoot tight groups. The whisker-biscuit arrow rests look cheap and most probably are imitations. Other accessories such as the front stabilizer, the shock absorber and the bow sling are also not top quality, but they are fit for purpose and will suffice initially.

    If you’re looking for a better quality at affordable price the Bear Cruzer is your best bet. It is one of our top-selling products, and comes with all the gear and accessories that you need for your first hunt.

    Pros and Cons


    • checkGood quality materials: laser cut riser, high-performing limbs made in USA, hand-made strings and cables.
    • checkLightweight bow good for hunting
    • checkFast and accurate
    • checkExtremely versatile bow, suitable for young archers and women.
    • checkComes with $200 worth of accessories.


    • Most accessories are not top grade and will need upgrading or replacement.
    • exclamationMinimal instructions as to how to attach all the accessories, which can be daunting if you’re new to archery. Visit your local pro shop to get the bow sized, the sight adjusted and the accessories fitted.
    • exclamationSome users reported a chemical smell emitted from the rubbery parts, which wears off after a few months of use
    • exclamationRight-hand only

    M1 Review: Conclusion and Rating

    Getting started into archery doesn’t have to be expensive. For a beginner archer/hunter the compound bow M1 is an excellent choice, because it’s pretty much ready to use outside of the box with minimal adjustment. This beginner archery set package and all its accessories can be used to “play with”  by a novice archer to learn how to shoot a compound bow, before moving to more professional equipment.

    How does it compare?

    Here’ s the M1 rating compared to another good entry-level bow on the market also reviewed by us, the AW Pro.

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    Compound Bow Comparison Chart
    9 BowGrid's rating
    0 0 votes
    Materials and Design
    Value for money
    User satisfaction
    9 BowGrid's rating
    0 0 votes
    Materials and Design
    Value for money
    User satisfaction

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