Black Widow Bows Guide: Are They The Best Recurve Bows?

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The Black Widow bows are a series of archery bows from the family of recurve bows. On this kind of bows, the limbs curve away from the archer when unstrung. Compared to the straight-limbed bows, they store more energy and deliver a high to speed to the arrow more efficiently.

They are unique in design and complex to build. The handle alone is made of about thirty-seven glue lines, but this, of course, depends on the model. They require a rich investment in man hours to build. Precision is key here. The balance of the bow at the curvature is made uniform in weight so as to balance the bow with ease and not compromise on the draw. There are many different types and models of black widow bows. Some of the most popular are listed below:

• PSA Take-Down
• PMA Take- Down
• PLX Take-Down
• PCH Take-Down
• PTF One-piece
• PA One-Piece
• KB One-Piece
• PSR Short Recurve.

Why You Should Be Getting Yourself A Black Widow Bow

Black Widow produces great bows that proof to work exceptionally well in field, and 3D archery. Let’s take a closer look at their features to understand better why they are among the most sought after recurve bows on the market:


The black widow bows stand at approximately 58 to 62 inches tall. Their short height do not, however, compromise on the finger pitch and instability. Bows normally become twitchy and prone to stacking, but the custom short length of the Black Widow bows makes them less prone to this. Almost all Black Widow bows come with a basic framework, having only minor special design differences. They weigh bout 1lbs 13oz in physical weight. At a 28 inch draw, the curve angle matches up to 124 degrees. The brace height measures up to about 7 3/8 inches with a draw weight of about 50.5lbs at 28 inches (AMO). The limbs carry about 44.24 feet per pound of stored energy. A good draw comes with up to 0.87lbs per pound of draw weight, giving a great thrust to the arrow. The standard black widow arrow comes at 457 grains in weight and about 190fps in speed with mechanical release. The kinetic energy of the arrow tests up to 36.64 feet per pound. The arrow speed with finger release measures up to 185fps.


The Black Widow Bows come custom made, but as a signature feature, they all come with different materials for the limbs, arranged in layers from the back to the face. For instance, the PL X take Down Black Widow bow comes with layers of different materials from clear glass, Birdseye maple veneer, carbon, ActionBoo, red glass, ActionBoo, Birdseye maple veneer and finally clear glass.
This gives a sort of mirrored look on the limbs. Apart from the classic look it gives it, the match in the arrangement of these materials also ensure equity of balance and in weight of the limbs. The physics of archery all lays in the balance between the two limbs from the handle, which forms the pivot. The raiser is made of Birdseye maple, black and red glass.
Now, remember, these materials are specific to the PL X, but as a standard, all black widow bows come with similar layer-material design to accommodate balance in the limbs. Generally speaking, Black Widow bows are lightweight, which is great for field archery settings that usually involve a good hike in sometimes sloppy areas.

Velocity and String Power

Shooting at stationery targets and 3 dimensional foam animal targets set at different positions thought the woods can be a very enjoyable adventure, but a total failure without the right bow. The black widow’s deeply de-flexed design and relatively high brace height, gives you high string power soon as you start drawing. It has a smooth draw that comes easy thanks to the flexible limbs that give a string velocity of 0.87 pounds per draw weight. In the woods, you are supposed to aim and shoot at the 3 dimensional foamed animals bodies either uphill or downhill. Velocity and string kinetic energy plays a major role in this.


Different black widow bows come at different prices, but you get great incredible value for your investment. If you’re serious about archery, especially field and 3D archery, consider investing in a Black Widow bow. Grab one at

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