Are recurve bows good for beginners?

Archery is a beautiful, spectacular and elegant sport. It is not surprising that many want to join an archery cohort, learn to shoot accurately, or even consider the prospect of entering tournaments. If you set a goal to choose and buy a bow that will make your dream come true, you need to prepare and gather information about the types and features of modern bows. We will tell you what to look for when buying a recurve bow for beginners.

What those who want to buy a bow for shooting - professional or for beginners - need to know

First of all, clearly decide on the answer to the question - why do you need bows for shooting. This will allow you to choose the desired model - traditional, Olympic or block. Then think about how much money you are willing to part with for your new hobby. The fact is that modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of options, and the price range amazes inexperienced buyers.

Are recurve bows good for beginners

If it is about entertainment, hobby, buying a children's bow or an option for an adult beginner, then with a budget of 100 dollars you will find many interesting offers from such a popular brand as Man Kung. Jandao bows are also in high demand. Of course, a professional bow for shooting will cost much more, but the reliability of the design, as well as the duration of its service life, will be higher.

Traditional (direct and recursive bows). They demonstrate the maximum similarity with the first historical models, which were shot back in the Middle Ages. The main difference from the ancestors is the technical parameters. They are bought both for entertainment and education and for reconstructing any historical events. They do not have aiming devices and are made of natural materials.

The recurve traditional bow is an original gift for a man or woman. It can also become a collection decoration for a fan of historical weapons. It differs from a straight one in that the bend of the shoulders is directed in the opposite direction from the archer, and the bow in the free position touches them. This feature of the design makes it possible to effectively use the energy generated when the string is stretched so that the arrow has a high initial speed, and it also increases the accuracy and range of its flight.

Bow for a beginner - what to pay attention to

When choosing a bow for a beginner shooter, you need to be guided by two basic criteria.

1. Tension force. It should be minimal for a beginner so that they can learn shooting techniques comfortably. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to consolidate their skills. For adults, it is 16-18 kg, while teenagers and women should limit themselves to 12-14 kg. You need to increase the tension gradually so that the muscle group needed for shooting can be strengthened during training. Not everyone thinks that archery is physically demanding. Full-fledged training is an average of a hundred shots, so working with a light bow of 15 kg can be compared with transferring a load of one and a half tons with one hand.

2. Bow shape. For beginners, it is recommended to choose long straight models. Long shoulders forgive the shooter's small mistakes and ensure shooting stability. When the beginner is no longer interested in that kind of bow, he can try a more complicated version with fine settings, which are initially recommended to be set to a minimum.

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