Southland Archery Supply SAS Customized 23″ Carbon Arrows

Great quality sold at even greater prices best describes Southland archery's product ranges of bows, arrows, and other shooting accessories.

SAS Arrows are used by hunters, crossbowmen, target shooters, 3D competitors, and Olympic archers worldwide.

Southland Archery Supply's Carbon arrows have always been in high demand due to their lighter weight and narrow shafts.

The light weight of the arrows is responsible for fast arrow speed and more extended-range shooting.

Other than that, SAS' carbon arrows help reduce wind drift, thanks to their narrow shafts.

Carbon arrows can be more difficult to tune than aluminum arrows, but they are still known because of their increased speed and accuracy.

Southland Archery produces high-quality, customizable carbon arrows with a beautifully crafted body and a removable field point tip. These arrows are specially customized for Hickory Creek Crossbows.


Southland Archery Supply SAS Customized 23” Carbon Arrows

SAS archery



Bow Type-

Crossbow Bolts

Nock Type-

Eastern Nock

MPN Type-


Compatible with-

Hickory Creek Mini Vertical Crossbows

Materials & design

Carbon arrows' material and manufacturing process have evolved over the years, but they have stood the test of time in archery contests and hunting equipment.

Many hunters prefer these arrows since the bows used to shoot them are simpler to operate than bulkier wooden bows that require more strength from the archer.

Carbon arrows are made from a combination of materials like carbon fiber, epoxy, and composite resin.

Manufacturing Process

The composite materials are blended to produce an arrow that is both powerful and light enough to withstand the rigors of archery.

  • The procedure begins with a large section of carbon fiber slashed into short sides and warmed up until malleable.
  • After that, the material is arranged in strips on a smooth surface and encased with epoxy and composite resin stacks.
  • Then, the materials are compressed by running them against each other, similar to how a rug is wrapped when stored.
  • This establishes the final structure of the arrow shafts that can now be split into equal sizes and completed with nocks at their ends to make them easier to attach to bowstrings.



  • Wind drift is reduced
  • Arrows can be straightened if they are bent
  • Accessories allow for easy manipulation of FOC
  • Velocity speeds up rapidly but can also slow down real quick
  • Accessories can be difficult to find
  • It is more expensive than aluminum arrows

Durability: These arrows are more durable than aluminum or wooden arrows and do not bend easily when struck by targets. A carbon arrow is an excellent choice if you're looking for a long-lasting arrow that can withstand repeated shots.

Accuracy: Carbon Arrows shoot more precisely than other arrows, making them suitable for long-range shooting of small targets. On the other hand, you can easily access it and improve the accuracy of your shots. So, if you want to improve your accuracy while target shooting or competing, a carbon arrow can significantly help.

Weight: Because carbon arrows are lighter than metal arrows, shooting these projectiles requires less effort. As a result, you can target more precisely and shoot more quickly. However, the speed of your shot is also determined by the bow you use. So, with the right bow paired with your carbon arrow, the dual action can produce significantly better results.


Can you shoot a crossbow vertically?

A crossbow is a horizontally mounted, ranged weapon mounted on a mainframe known as a tiller.

A Crossbows fires projectiles known as bolts, usually in a horizontal direction

On the other hand, the Vertical Crossbow by Hickory Creek is an exception due to its lightweight, which does not require it to be propped up to be shot accurately. This bow's vertical orientation makes it easy to handle and shoot freehandedly.

How much does a crossbow drop at 100 yards?

Crossbows are simple to use, extremely accurate, and lethal. Crossbows are often marketed to first-time buyers as accurate, even up to 100 yards and beyond.

When aiming for a target at 100 yards, a 400-grain arrow that may be traveling at 400 frames per second from a crossbow will most likely drop to approximately 93 inches.

What is a vertical bow?

Vertical bows are light and versatile bows that are relatively quiet.

These bows allow for quick follow-up shots and are simple and easy to shoot for archers of all sizes, making it a bow that fits all sizes and can work for all ages and genders.

What is the smallest crossbow made?

The Wicked Ridge M-370 from TenPoint is the lightest hunting crossbow on the market, weighing only 5.8 pounds.

This lightweight and compact bow is ideal for children and beginners interested in archery or hunting. What makes this bow even better is that it comes along with a Pro-view scope and carbon arrows.


Carbon arrows are the ideal choice for archers who want to invest in their sport for the long term. The arrow shafts are usually bamboo or carbon fiber, and the tip is made of metal, such as steel.

These arrows can be ready for use in minutes after fully assembled and provide the best shooting experience when paired with the Hickory creek mini vertical crossbow.

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