Get Your Shots Straight With The Best Kisser Button

6. Carbon Express Kisser Button

The Carbon Express kisser button is large enough to fit on the cam bowstring and comes with 2 metallic clips for anchoring it in a fixed position. This makes it provide a consistent anchor point on every draw, enabling you to make consistently accurate shots.

It is slotted on one side and this serves as an entry point when installing it into the bowstring. This makes installation quite easy as it does not require a bow press to undo the string and insert it from one end.

The kisser is rounded and smoothed out all round. This helps in making it fit snugly on your lips as well as feel comfortable, without any chance of causing skin irritation.

It is reasonably priced as a one pack and the quantity is enough for personal use.

Features at a glance
  • Comes with 2 metallic clamps for securing it in position
  • Slotted for quick and easy installation.
  • Rounded and smoothed out for comfort
  • Available as one pack
  • Comes in black only


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