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best archery kisser buttons

Kisser buttons are available in a variety of features. When selecting the best one, consider the following:

1. Slotted or not

This dictates the installation process that will be required to put the kisser in place. Slotted kisser buttons are the easiest to install. The bowstring is simply pushed into the slot until it reaches the center of the kisser then adjusted into the correct position above the nock point in order to find the best anchor point. However, this slot might prove to be a bother if the kisser in installed with the slot facing your lips. This increases the chances of experiencing some skin irritation on the lips or even plucking off a couple of mustache hairs in the worst case scenario.

Non-slotted kissers are safer to use but require a lot of work to install. A bow press is required to flex the bow’s limbs in order to take tension of the string and undo it so as to get the string end. This end is then inserted into the center of the kisser button and pushed through to the desired position.

Generally, slotted kisser buttons are preferred because they are also easy to remove but if you have access to a bow press, a non-slotted kisser can be a viable option.

2. Type of material

Kisser buttons are usually made of hard plastic, soft plastic or a rubber-like material. Hard plastic is very durable but does not help in dampening bowstring vibrations and thus you might need additional string silencers if your hobby is hunting.

Soft plastic is also durable and absorbs some of the vibrations, resulting in some noise reduction and some level of comfort when using the bow.

Rubber-like material is the best for kisser buttons because it performs both the function of being an anchor point and the function of dampening string vibrations efficiently. However, it might not be as durable as the plastic material.

3. Weight

Light kisser buttons are ideal for archery and hunting because they do not interfere with the bowstring’s balance. You should consider lightweight kisser buttons because they do not negatively impact the bow’s performance.

4. Size

The smaller, the better. Most kisser buttons are the 1/2 – 9/16 inch diameter range, which is just the right size because they fit snugly in between the lips, making them very comfortable to use.

5. Shape

Most kisser buttons are circular in shape but differ slightly in terms of ergonomic designs. A circular kisser with an ergonomic design is ideal for the job because it would provide the most comfort to the archer.

6. Additions

Kissers that come in packs of multiple buttons, especially multi-colored ones, can provide a wide variety of options to choose from when selecting the color that matches with your bow. Therefore, such packs are better off.

They should also be accompanied by clips for securing them onto the bowstring.


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