Best Barnett Crossbows For Hunting and Target Shooting

4. Barnett TS390

This crossbow is meant for the tactical hunter. It has a draw weight of 187 pounds, which is quite heavy, but it features Barnett’s patented step-through riser and comes with a rope cocking device to aid you in drawing the string, making this weight feel a lot less heavy. The good thing about this huge draw weight is that you get very fast shots, reaching up to 390 FPS, with a kinetic energy of 128 Ft. lbs. This means that it is quite effective at thrusting arrows through skin and bone, making it an instant killing machine, which is all you need as a tactical hunter.

The step-through riser is also advantageous because it incorporates the foot stirrup and riser into one, eliminating the extra weight and length caused by an extra stirrup. Additionally, it is made of a fiberglass composite material, which makes it very light. This means that most of the crossbow’s weight is felt on the stock, providing an incredible balance when placed on the shoulders. The result is more stability and better handling, leading to more accurate shots.

It features the trigger tech frictionless release technology, which gives you fast responses on pressing the trigger. This technology gives you total trigger control, leaving you with a zero-creep, 3-pound release, which is very easy to press, making it a very reliable hunting tool.

Features at a glance

•    3 Picatinny rails built into the stock

•    14.25” power stroke

•    16.75” axle to axle length

•    Requires only a single bolt assembly

•    CNC machined aluminum flight track

•    Metal injection molded trigger

•    Buttstock is adjustable to suit hunters with different arm lengths

•    Finger safety reminder and anti-dry fire features make it very safe to use

•    String dampeners make it very quiet

•    Compatible with a crank cocking device

•    Comes with a 4×32mm illuminated scope, a rope cocking device, side mount quiver, lubrication wax and 2 20” headhunter bolts.

•    Digital grey in color


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