Introduction to Archery

Womens compound bow. Women compound bow. ArcheryArchery is the skill and practice of using a bow to shoot arrows. As much as it is a skill, it also is probably one of the oldest sport in history, and it’s been around since the Mesolithic era. Our ancestors used bow and arrows to hunt and later on for warfare purposes. To find out more about the origins and history of archery, read this article.

Today, archery is a highly competitive global sport that has gained ground to Olympics level.

There are different types of archery and different ways to practicing it:

  • target archery, which primarily involves shooting at a stationery bull’s eye target.
  • field archery, in which archers shoot at stationary bull’s eye targets set along a roving course through the woods, and involves both uphill and downhill shots.
  • 3D archery, which involves shooting at 3- dimensional foam animal targets that are set at different distances through the woods.
  • traditional archery, in which all the modern accessories are removed and archers use bow and arrows only, as our ancestors used to do when hunting The No.1 Resource for Your Archery Needs is run by people that like you are passionate about archery. We cover different topics related to modern and traditional archery. We also review the best compound bows in the market and offer advice and tips related to archery.

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